Share the Good News (June 7-13)

Share the Good News June 7-13

With all the negative news out there, I thought it would be a great time to share some good news. Share the Good News will be a weekly thing, so I hope you enjoy it! And if you have good news you’d like us to share, send us a message.

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh have discovered a way to grow little human livers that they are testing in rats. The human-like organ is thriving and growing rapidly in these small rodents. If you didn’t know, the liver sits on the right side of your tummy and is responsible for making proteins, glycogen synthesis, bile production, and other vital functions.

This one is for all you cool cats and kittens. I have only really heard about cats being stuck in trees in movies, but this week I learned that it happens in real life. A cat named “Cheese” is saved from being stuck in a tree after a kind business man drops everything to go help. It goes to show that there is hope for humanity in a time of chaos!

TikTok has really become my addiction over the past couple of months. Am I proud of it? No. Will I stop watching? Absolutely not. I stumbled across this sweet video and it made me realize that toddlers can be the best role models. This little guy shows us to always be thankful for even the simplest of things. He says “thank you” for every small gesture is mother does. His politeness is something we all need to follow!

 Although the pandemic has put a wrench in graduation plans, people are doing their best to make 2020 graduates feel a little bit more special. This includes a local bakery that gave away 1,000 cakes to graduating seniors. A yummy treat indeed!

How many people does it take to carry a dog up a mountain? In this case, four! Three strangers took it upon themselves to help a man carry his 100 pound dog up a mountain to safety. Dogs really are a man’s best friend, so everyone on this mission knew how important it was to return the dog to his owner safely.

Amusement park workers are getting creative during COVID-19. After getting tired of seeing their roller coasters go round and round without anyone on them, they decided to use stuffed animals as passengers. This was such a fun and creative way to make their job a little more interesting since amusement parks are ghost towns due to the virus.

We’ve all seen snakes, turtles, or other critters taking a dip in our backyard pool, but imagine waking up and discovering an alligator taking a swim! I don’t know about you, but an alligator would not be my first choice for a tanning buddy. The Florida family that found the alligator in their pool scooped him up in a garbage bin and released him into a nearby, gator-friendly pond.

Like most quarantined individuals, my favorite pastime has been eating, so what better thing to do than create the world’s largest sheet of pasta? This Italian food park broke a world record doing just this. We’ve all had to be creative in our entertainment these days. I 100% approve of this activity! All this talking about pasta is making me hungry. Spaghetti, anyone?

If you are from New Orleans, you probably know how flooded the streets can get. They can get so flooded to the point where you can canoe on them! A man who decided to explore the flooded streets of New Orleans in his canoe, happened upon a lady walking through the flood on a mission to get a document notarized. He didn’t hesitate to help her out and canoed the woman to her destination. This thoughtful gesture made it possible for her to complete her task safely. It goes to show that a simple, kind gesture goes a long way!

Meet Makokou! This gorilla has been having trouble with his nose for some time and needed the help of (human) physicians. Makokou was airlifted over 40 miles to get a CT scan in a machine big enough to handle him. With the help of five lifters, he successfully got the scan and was airlifted back to the zoo, just in time for his upcoming 35th birthday!

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with some more good news next week 🙂 Feel free to download and share the condensed version.

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