Share the Good News (July 5-11)

Share the Good News

With all the negative news out there, I thought it would be a great time to share some good news. Share the Good News will be a weekly thing, so I hope you enjoy it! And if you have good news you’d like us to share, send us a message.

New Zealand is a gorgeous country where filmmakers create their magic. (I mean have you seen Lord of the Rings?!) With the virus, things have been slow for the entertainment industry. However, New Zealand kick Covid’s butt and is allowing producers to resume production. This includes Lord of the Rings, Power Rangers, Cowboy Bepop,and more!

In April 2010, 4-5 million barrels of crude oil was spilled in the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone thought there was going to be a devastating toll on the fish population in that area. BUT research has shown that the oil spill “did not appear to cause significant oiling injury to coastal fish populations.” Although, the marine mammals and turtles farther from shore had devastating effects. But we are looking on the bright side of this oil spill.

Robots are the next big thing, as long as it doesn’t turn out like The Terminator. Scientists at the University of Liverpool have designed a robotic colleague that has been hard at work. This technology speeds up the research process as robots do not need to go home to their families, take holidays off, or use the restroom. This particular robotic scientist has been researching a catalyst that could potentially speed up the reaction that takes place within solar cells. Additionally, this robot has the potential to work on Covid research as well as climate change discoveries.

A Houston woman tested positive for coronavirus at 28 weeks pregnant with triplets. However, she kicked the virus’s butt before giving birth! Her husband also wasn’t there because he previously tested positive for Covid, but the woman had her mother for support during an emergency C-section.

An unemployed French man spent months applying to jobs without any success. He discovered the Microsoft AI School Powered by Simplon and began learning data engineering and AI skills. Seven months later, he became a data scientist! There is always time to change your career around, or even start a new one.

Going to the doctor just got easier! Walgreens and VillageMD are working together to open primary care clinics in 500-700 of Walgreens’ stores within the next 5 years. This is very good news for areas with a shortage of of physicians and other health professionals. There has been positive feedback for the pilot clinics in the Houston area, so this next step is promising.

Weddings are expensive, and buying a wedding dress is not cheap. (Been there, done that.) Luckily for our engaged frontline pandemic healthcare workers, a non-profit is donating wedding gowns to them as a thank you! That’s one less thing these healthcare heroes have to worry about.

Baby animals are the cutest! There has been a baby boom at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium this last month that has included a Masai giraffe calf, two red panda cubs, a sea lion pup, and a siamang (a type of small ape). Most of these animals are endangered, so their birth is promising for keeping their species going!

Rehan grew up with financial struggles but recognized the importance of an education. Many people would give up on college or go deeply into debt to pay for school, but Rehan spent his college years collecting trash to pay for tuition. Despite the adversity he faced, Rehan is on his way to Harvard Law to do great things.

While a family was sleeping, the neighbor’s dog began to bark frantically at a fire that was starting in their home. The dog’s loud bark woke the family, and they were able to escape safely with their pets unharmed. What a good boy.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back with some more good news next week 🙂 

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