Humming Sales

What is Humming Sales?

Humming Sales is our IBM Beacon Award-Winning Consumer Intelligence Solution that helps organizations better serve current and potential consumers. This modular approach browser-based solution works on ANY cloud with ANY database with real-time predictive analytics engines.

How does it work?

By utilizing advanced tools such as linguistic analysis and machine learning algorithms, our solution uncovers insights about your consumers that helps segment them. Once consumers are segmented, our solution uses AI to decide which personalized marketing and sales efforts should be launched for each segment, improving your target conversion ratios and customer lifetime values. Our solution also utilizes decision optimization to improve supply chain and route planning as necessary. Deployable on any cloud or channel, our solution is an accelerated method for bettering your customer service and bottom line.

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Humming Sales is designed for companies in the retail, logistics, warehousing, and consumer products sectors.