See how Cresco’s customized solutions can solve problems in any aspect of your business.

Demand Planning & Inventory Control

Holding stock is costing you money. So understanding and streamlining demand planning and inventory control is key to your success.Our customized solution sheds light on factors within your business that contribute to “actual” sales versus “projected” or “planned” sales, thus giving you the insight to enhance your production and supply chain resources, and finally save you precious resources.

Profitability (Customer & Product) Modeling & Pricing Intelligence

Pricing is not only about the price of the product. It’s about the experience too. It’s also about the availability of selections, even promotions onsite. For more success, companies need a “price + value” strategy that can be enabled with the use of analytics.
With our customized analytics solution, we help you evaluate what the customers demand, as well as the relationship to pricing. That too, considering cost drivers and enablers. As part of customer behavior analytics, we help you identify ways to lower costs and increase your profits.

Fraud Detection & Security

Stop fraud, waste, and abuse at your company before they occur. Safeguard your reputation by enabling early detection, which in turn enables prevention as well as protection of you, your company, and your employees.
Our customized analytics solution uses predictive analytics to detect suspicious activity and possibly prevent it on time. This solution also analyzes your overall organization and gives you a better understanding of your risk factors. Additionally, behavioral analytics in real time helps in monitoring, preventing and protecting your assets.,

Customer Behavioral Analytics (CBA)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know what your customer is thinking? We help you dig a little deeper into customer insights from your existing data, and predict customer behavior or response to better serve the customer.

Financial Consolidations

In your holding company, you must have recognized the huge need for a financial performance management platform that eases the acquisition integration better, faster and easier. This need is specially evident when acquired companies come with different general ledger, reporting and other data sources.
Our customized solution makes the acquisition of new company  easier, even with limited operating resources. We fast-track implementation of the software, test your data, even train your people to leverage the power of such financial platforms.

Retail Assortment & Merchandising Planning

Product inventory and shelf space are your most critical resources. To optimize the same for your success, you have to use analytics for best sales and profits.
Our customized solution helps you in planning a variety of assortment mixes and create balanced merchandise planning strategies, including market-based, customer-based, fashion-based, pricing-based assortments, to leverage localized assortments and maximize space utilization

Human Capital Retention

Your favorite employee just resigned. Are you now neck-deep in turnover risk analysis? Don’t just react to your employee leaving. Instead, predict on who’s going to leave, what factors lead to such behavior, and most importantly, what you can do to retain your employees.
This prediction can only be possible with our customized analytics solution. Our solution helps you and the senior management team in your company to understand the retention challenges you are facing. You can define the “risk” of each of your employees too. And yes, identify the primary debilitating factor at an individual employee’s level and seek help to avoid such situations.

Marketing Analytics

As Winner of IBM Beacon Award for Excellence in Marketing 2015, we want to provide our clients with Marketing Analytics 2 Action™ – the very tools and solutions we use to gain analytics perspectives and achieve marketing goals.

Choose one or all the elements of MA2A:

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Marketing Automation & Journey Marketing on Cloud
  • Campaign Management
  • Analytics for Digital Marketing
  • Interact & Engage

Public Transit Ridership

The people have rediscovered mass transit.
As a transit agency, now you need to improve your service levels in the face of increasing ridership. You can address this need by harnessing analytics to streamline service, attract new customers while still retaining old ones.
Our customized solution focuses on scheduling and route optimization, with everything in between, with the ultimate goal of asset maintenance, as well as future planning and budgeting.