Kenny is a technology leader who helps organizations align their technology/business cultures and strategies. Through his 24 years of experience, he has helped Fortune 20, mid-sized, and start-up organizations to introduce data-driven business practices, increase organizational efficiency, optimize their processes, and implement new technology solutions.

Healthcare Organizations: How to Engage with Customers using Business Analytics

According to report, Health Insurers: The Customer Engagement Imperative, recently released by A.T. Kearney, the healthcare industry is standing on the edge of transformation. “A confluence of economic and regulatory pressures require bold responses from health insurance companies. Continually rising system-wide costs, coupled with wavering public trust, have culminated in legislation that pressures insurers to carry more risk while capping their margins and mandating that they keep to an 85% medical loss ratio.”
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Predictive Analytics for Customer-Oriented Retail Banking

Today, consumers demand more from retail banks such as customized products, convenient service, and even rewards for being loyalty. In a recent banking industry report from McKinsey Company, they pointed out that “most banks have never created a close relationship with their retail customers and understand little of their actual needs.” Although maintaining relationships with customers is critical, and many banks aspire to do so, only few can actually deliver.
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Public Transit Ridership

The people have rediscovered mass transit.

As a transit agency, now you need to improve your service levels in the face of increasing ridership, yet low resources. You can address this need of public transit ridership by harnessing analytics to streamline service, attract new customers while still retaining old ones.
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Predictive Analytics Webinar

The Predictive Analytics webinar was held online on November 17, 2016. Cresco’s Mike Heiser and Sanjeev Datta, and IBM’s Erica Reuter and Sam Whittaker are the speakers on this webinar which shows how to introduce and benefit from Predictive Analytics with the use of IBM SPSS in your organization.
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Predictive Analytics – Actionable Business Intelligence

You’re shopping online on Amazon, and you notice “Featured Recommendations” as you scroll down the page. Chances are you will buy something from those “featured” suggestions more, as compared to the rest of the site. And that’s Predictive Analytics for you, actionable business intelligence in it’s ecommerce persona!
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Predictive Auditing and Auditing Automation

As one of the major techniques of assurance processes, auditing has been mandatory for public companies since the 1930s. Traditionally, audit tasks are performed in a backward manner. A solution for this issue is called contemporary auditing or predictive auditing, which is a forward-looking audit technique that can take assurance processes to the next level. However, before we can talk about predictive auditing, we need to get some knowledge about continuous auditing.
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