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Workforce Scheduling

 A Workforce Scheduling Solution Powered by Advanced Analytics.

Why re-invent the wheel? Our solutions focus on increasing productivity. Repeatable successful solutions built to produce high returns for our clients investments.

Our Workforce Scheduling solution takes every variable & constraint into account to create an optimal output for the scheduling coordinator. By looking at constraints such as the number of hours a nurse can work per week, total cost, allocation of shifts, nurse skillsets, and qualifications, you are able to generate a schedule with the click of a button. This solution provides a user-friendly interface in conjunction with real-time adjustments, what-if scenario modeling, visualizations, and a mathematical optimization engine to solve your complex business problems.

Workforce Scheduling Features

Solution Flexibility

Users can test an unlimited number of what-if scenarios. Users can see the impact of decisions before making them – as a result they can respond to change more rapidly.

Deployment Flexibility

Ability to easily deploy, operate across multiple clouds, and integrate multiple different data sources.

Scale on Demand

Acquire insights quickly to easily adjust plans and schedules in real-time to scale on an as-needed basis.

Accelerate Decision Making

Using high-performance optimization engines to solve mathematical programming, constraint programming, and constraint-based scheduling problems.

Reduce Human Error

Virtually eliminate copy-and-paste mistakes from entering the same data into multiple systems.

Built-in Data Analysis Capabilities

Uncover deep insights using robust analytics tools without having to export data into a 3rd party solution resulting in one unified platform.

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Workforce Scheduling Benefits

  •  Fewer nurses working extreme shifts

    AI tailors schedules, balancing hospital needs with nurse preferences, minimizing overtime and burnout. Happy nurses, better care, and budget savings.

  •  Swift & effective scheduling that updates in real-time

    Dynamic updates reflect changes in real-time, ensuring seamless coverage. Anticipate staffing needs with data, avoid last-minute stress, and stay ahead of the curve.

  • Fill shifts efficiently based on nurse qualifications

    Match the right nurse with the right skill for every shift, maximizing efficiency, safety, and patient outcomes. Unleash expertise, improve care, and see higher satisfaction rates.

  • Preventing the overlap of resources used

    Ensure the right equipment is available when and where it's needed. Our Workforce Scheduling solution identifies improvement areas, streamline operations, and free up staff for exceptional patient care.

See Workforce Scheduling in Action

Schedule a custom demo to discover how the Workforce Optimization solution helps schedule coordinators create optimal nurse schedules with the click of a button.

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