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Marketing Campaign Optimization Solution Powered by Advanced Analytics.

Why re-invent the wheel? Our solutions focus on increasing productivity. Repeatable successful solutions built to produce high returns for our clients investments.

With OptimCampaign, companies can maximize short-term and long-term profit, ROI, or any other objective while satisfying critical business constraints such as marketing budget and channel capacities across multiple marketing channels. OptimCampaign leverages Decision Optimization and Machine Learning technologies to provide optimal marketing strategies by solving large-scale multichannel marketing problems. Companies can improve their marketing efficiency, response rate, and customer satisfaction, by changing from universal marketing campaigns to personalized marketing campaigns, with OptimCampaign.

OptimCampaign Features

Solving large-scale marketing problems

Large-scale marketing campaign problems can be optimized within short timeframes using capabilities such as state-of-the-art optimization engines and best-in-class machine learning models.

Performing business simulations

OptimCampaign’s flexible scenario planning and management capabilities allow users to manage the input, configuration, and results to compare the outcome of different scenarios.

Integration with campaign management systems

OptimCampaign can be integrated to work with other marketing databases and campaign management systems to help marketers achieve the next level of optimized campaigns. 

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OptimCampaign Benefits

  • Budget Optimization

    Stop wasting precious resources! OptimCampaign allocates your budget strategically, ensuring every dollar delivers maximum impact.

  • Cost Reduction

    Streamline operations and cut unnecessary expenses. OptimCampaign automates tasks, minimizes errors, and stretches your marketing budget further.

  • Targeted Growth

    Attract the right customers and boost their lifetime value. OptimCampaign precisely targets your ideal audience, nurturing them into loyal, high-value customers.

  • Rule-Based Relevance

    Align your campaigns perfectly with your business goals and rules. OptimCampaign ensures every action aligns with your strategic vision.

  • Sales & Revenue Surge

    Watch your sales soar and revenue climb! OptimCampaign drives conversions, propelling your business towards profitability.

See OptimCampaign in Action

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