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Marketing Campaign Optimization Solution Powered by Advanced Analytics.

Companies from various industries need to figure out the best way to use their limited marketing resources including marketing budget, channels, tools, and workforce capacity to identify key audience segments and market their products to their highest-value customers and prospects. However, marketing campaign planning can be tricky. How to best allocate a campaign budget? What is the best way to communicate with customer segments? How to best allocate resources across multiple campaigns over time? What combination of marketing inputs will maximize long-term sales? What is the optimal marketing model for a company and how and when should this model change? which action/offer to provide to each customer at a particular point in time? Only an efficient marketing campaign optimization tool can instantly answer these tough questions.

With OptimCampaign, companies can maximize short-term and long-term profit, ROI, or any other objective while satisfying critical business constraints such as marketing budget and channel capacities across multiple marketing channels. OptimCampaign leverages Decision Optimization and Machine Learning technologies to provide optimal marketing strategies by solving large-scale multichannel marketing problems. Companies can improve their marketing efficiency, response rate, and customer satisfaction, by changing from universal marketing campaigns to personalized marketing campaigns, with OptimCampaign.

Key Features

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Solving large-scale marketing decision-making problems

Large-scale marketing campaign problems can be optimized within short timeframes using capabilities such as state-of-the-art optimization engines and best-in-class optimization and machine learning algorithms and heuristics.

Performing business simulations for proactive planning

OptimCampaign allows users developing large-scale campaigns to plan precisely before going to market by providing easy-to-use simulation and optimization capabilities to carry out in-depth what-if analysis. OptimCampaign’s flexible scenario planning and management capabilities allow users to manage the input, configuration, and results to compare the outcome of different scenarios.

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Configurable business user interfaces

OptimCampaign enables marketers to effectively use the solution for creating and modifying scenarios within an easy-to-use interface by providing graphical and parameterized scenario management interfaces for setting required objectives, inputs, constraints, and outputs as well as easily configurable dashboards of KPIs.

Integration with other campaign management systems

OptimCampaign can be integrated to work with other marketing databases and campaign management systems to help marketers achieve the next level of optimized campaigns. It seamlessly connects with offer eligibility and customer dialogue elements of campaign management systems, enabling the marketer to apply exclusion and qualification criteria to create the eligible customer population.

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Benefits of the Marketing Campaign Optimization Solution

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Better utilization of marketing budget and resources

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Reduced operational costs and marketing spend

Improved targeting, customer acquisition, and lifetime value

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Higher response rates and ROI on marketing campaigns

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Better alignment of marketing campaigns with business rules

Increased sales, revenue growth, and profitability

Sample Dashboards of the Marketing Campaign Optimization Solution

Control Panel
What-If Scenario Analysis
KPI Report
Descriptive Report
Optimal Marketing Plan

Watch How Our Marketing Campaign Optimization Solution Works

Watch this video to learn how OptimCampaign brings many benefits to businesses including efficient marketing resource utilization, higher response rates and ROI, improved customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value, better alignment of campaigns with business rules and objectives, reduced costs, and increased sales & revenue growth.

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Make the Best Possible Decisions on How to Run Your Marketing Campaigns in Seconds with OptimCampaign

See OptimCampaign in Action

OptimCampaign is the #1 choice for organizations seeking to derive greater value from their marketing campaigns. OptimCampaign enables organizations to maximize their profit, ROI, or any other objective while satisfying their critical business constraints. This tool leverages best-in-class Decision Optimization and Machine Learning technologies to provide optimal marketing strategies for organizations in minutes. Schedule a custom demo to discover how OptimCampaign helps organizations save on their marketing budget.

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