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Optimize Trade
Promotions with AI

CPG companies spend between 11% and 27% of revenues on trade promotions and 72% of this spend does not break even.

Why re-invent the wheel? Our solutions focus on increasing productivity. Repeatable successful solutions built to produce high returns for our clients investments.

Next to cost of goods sold, trade promotion spending is the largest expense on a manufacturer’s P&L. However, its effectiveness can be very hard to measure. Promotional assessment is most effective with a solution that uses machine learning, modern optimization techniques, and proven advanced analytics strategies. Brücke, the decision support solution brought to you by the experts at Cresco International, in collaboration with Red Hat, can help you better navigate trade promotion decision making.

Optimize Choices

Allow the system’s built-in intelligence give you increased clarity and insight for the many decisions you have to make.

Evaluate Trade-offs

Receive smart visual and textual information about the available options and cross-promotion effects.

Increase ROI

Our scalable solutions will reduce the time spent on trade planning and ensure that all dollars are well spent.

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The Cresco Approach

  • Data collection, cleaning, and aggregation

    Data collection is often the most challenging part of doing a proper trade promotion evaluation. Data from different internal and syndicated sources, often combined in cumbersome spreadsheets, can lead to delays and errors. Our process wrangles and harmonizes this data for effective analytic use.

  • Sales and volume prediction

    A key to performing effective trade spending optimization is to have a firm understand of the historical effective of promotional and non-promotional periods, and and accurate prediction of how future periods may respond to promotional activity. Our advanced machine learning models add clarity and insight

  • Promotion and scheduling optimization

    An average supermarket may have over 40,000 SKUs. The sheer number of items on promotion at any point may exceed 2,000. This leads to a very large number of decisions that have to be made. Our techniques and enterprise-grade solvers make the evaluation of millions of possibilities fast and effective.

  • Opportunity identification

    Unlike many tools, our TPO++ system allows for granular exploration and evaluation of the optimized results and historical information. It support fast in-memory analysis and direct access to all solver results. Use this functionality to build scenarios and planning models to support multiple decision paths.

  • Final tuning

    All of Cresco's optimization methods can be customized to your unique situations. The AI and modeling behind our prediction and optimization methods are iterative and improve over time

See Trade Promotions with AI in Action

Fill out the Demo form to get online access to the Trade Promotions with AI solutions brief. By integrating Brücke into your trade promotion process, you’re just six weeks away from better identifying the value in your campaigns, understanding where weak performers may be, and optimizing your event calendar for maximum ROI.

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