Using a Genetic Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem in Python

What are heuristics algorithms? While solving large scale linear/integer problems, it becomes extensively difficult to solve or even reach a feasible solution within the prescribed practical duration. To mitigate such issues, it is a common practice in optimization community to resort various heuristics algorithms and… Read More »Using a Genetic Algorithm for Traveling Salesman Problem in Python

Financial Planning with Bots

Set your companies financial operations on cruise control! Calm down, we aren’t saying that automated bots need to take your job. We are simply taking a load off your back. Financial Planning Automation (FPA) is here to stay, so why not let it help? The investment… Read More »Financial Planning with Bots

Cognos 10 vs 11

Cognos Analytics provides top-class self-service analytics. The transition from IBM Cognos BI v10 to Cognos Analytics v11 is quite simplistic in terms of implementation, being one of the fastest business intelligence tools to deploy at an enterprise level. We are looking at an intuitive user interface, themes & extensions, redesigned reporting, data… Read More »Cognos 10 vs 11