Predictive Analytics

Takeover Attacks and Fraud

Trevor Bidle wrote an enlightening article on account takeover attacks that dives into standard practices and solutions in the workplace. Read more about it here:  Don’t Let Account Takeover Attacks Put Your Company at Risk Account takeover fraud has become a common practice for cybercriminals.… Read More »Takeover Attacks and Fraud

Predictive Analytics – Actionable Business Intelligence

You’re shopping online on Amazon, and you notice “Featured Recommendations” as you scroll down the page. Chances are you will buy something from those “featured” suggestions more, as compared to the rest of the site. And that’s Predictive Analytics for you, actionable business intelligence in it’s ecommerce persona!
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Predictive Auditing and Auditing Automation

As one of the major techniques of assurance processes, auditing has been mandatory for public companies since the 1930s. Traditionally, audit tasks are performed in a backward manner. A solution for this issue is called contemporary auditing or predictive auditing, which is a forward-looking audit technique that can take assurance processes to the next level. However, before we can talk about predictive auditing, we need to get some knowledge about continuous auditing.
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Top 4 Predictive Analytics Blogs You Should Follow

Predictive Analytics, or Predictive Customer Intelligence PCI is what helps you understand your customers so much that you “know” what they might need next, even before they realize it themselves! So you need all the help you can get to stay ahead in the game with PCI. And here are the top 4 predictive analytics blogs you should follow to engage your customers for higher success rate:
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