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Transforming Technology Spend and Value Management

In today’s digital age, technology spend is distributed across functions, budgets, and geographies – making it challenging to align investments with critical business priorities. Apptio bridges this disconnect by providing a unified view of all technology costs and enabling leaders to make informed decisions. Apptio is the leading provider of technology spend and value management solutions, empowering organizations to maximize the business value of their IT investments. As a subsidiary of IBM, Apptio combines innovative software, expert services, and a rich partner ecosystem to deliver unparalleled transparency, optimization, and control over technology investments. 


Cost Transparency

Gain a detailed understanding of technology costs.

Usage & Consumption Monitoring

Track resource utilization to optimize performance.

Planning & Forecasting

Anticipate future needs and budget accordingly.

Benchmarking & Reporting

Compare performance against industry peers.

Product Costing / Profitability Analysis

Assess the financial impact of your products.

Showback / Chargeback

Allocate costs to respective business units for greater accountability.

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Why Apptio?

In today’s digital era, organizations face rapid technological changes and increasing complexity. Apptio helps businesses navigate this landscape by providing tools and insights to manage and optimize technology investments.

  • 70% of all new applications will be cloud-native by 2024, reflecting a shift from traditional on-premises environments to more flexible, scalable cloud solutions.
  • 65% of organizations already use Kubernetes in production, highlighting the importance of containerization in modern IT strategies.
  • 81% of enterprises will operate in a multi-cloud environment by 2024, necessitating advanced management tools to handle diverse cloud services.
  • 87% of digital services are expected to disrupt their respective industries, underscoring the need for continuous innovation and agility.

Apptio SaaS Applications


Enterprise Agile Planning for dynamic work, resource, and portfolio management.


Technology Financial Management for cost transparency and planning across hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

ApptioOne Demand

Collaborative demand planning and service pricing.

ApptioOne Billing

IT chargeback and showback capabilities.

ApptioOne Benchmarking

Compare IT spend with industry peers.

ApptioOne Plus

Streamline applications and operations TCO to accelerate business strategies.


FinOps tool for multi-cloud and container cost management.

Cloudability TotalCost

Extend FinOps to indirect cloud spend.

Cloudability Financial Planning

Plan for cloud migrations, new workloads, and budget management.

Enroll for


  • 15-30%

    reduction in multi-cloud costs with faster migration decisions.

  • 90%

    improvement in forecasting accuracy.

  • 3-5%

    savings or redirection of your total tech budget.

  • 35%

    improvement in developer productivity.

  • 50%

    faster time to market.

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Sucess Stories

Maximized Savings to Reinvest

A major financial institution identified significant savings, allowing them to redirect investments towards new services without increasing costs.

  • Result: Reduced infrastructure costs by 30%.

Accelerated Modernization

A leading retail company consolidated AWS accounts across subsidiaries to maximize savings and reinvest in modernization efforts.

  • Result: Optimized $10 million in spend within the first 90 days.

Digital Transformation

A global telecom provider mapped application TCO to over 450 business applications, eliminating stranded costs from a major divestiture.

  • Result: Eliminated $75 million in stranded costs in 100 days.

IT Cost Reduction

A top-tier insurance company streamlined processes to deliver innovations faster, reducing overall IT spend significantly.

  • Result: Reduced IT cost spend by 20%.

Modernized Investment Planning

A public SaaS company increased their speed to market by improving annual investment planning.

  • Result: 25% reduction in cloud costs and 25% increase in digital platform sales.

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