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Your One-Stop Shop for Application Performance Management

In today’s dynamic cloud-native world, keeping your applications performing optimally is critical. Downtime translates to lost revenue and frustrated customers. Enter IBM Instana, a fully-automated application performance management (APM) solution designed to tackle the challenges of managing modern, microservices-based applications.


Proactive Problem Solving

Instana goes beyond traditional APM by using AI and automation to identify and resolve issues before they impact your users.

Democratized Observability

Instana empowers everyone from developers to IT operations with the insights they need to optimize application performance.

Actionable Intelligence

Instana delivers real-time, high-fidelity data with context, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Reduced Downtime

Instana’s automation and AI capabilities help prevent outages and minimize their impact if they occur.

Simplified Operations

Instana automates tedious tasks like instrumentation and mapping, freeing your team to focus on higher-level initiatives.

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Automated Dependency Mapping

Instana automatically maps your entire application ecosystem, providing a holistic view of performance.

Real-time Performance Analytics

Gain real-time insights into application health with customizable dashboards and reports.

AI-powered Root Cause Analysis

Instana leverages AI to pinpoint the root cause of performance issues quickly and efficiently.

Automatic Anomaly Detection

Be alerted to potential problems before they snowball into major outages.

Continuous Profiling

Instana’s AutoProfile feature continuously analyzes code-level performance without impacting production applications.

Generative AI for Insights

Instana’s GenAI models provide actionable recommendations and can even automate remediation actions.

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Use Cases

Microservices Performance Optimization

Instana helps you identify bottlenecks and optimize performance across your microservices architecture.

Cloud Migration Monitoring

Ensure smooth cloud migration and maintain optimal application performance in your new environment.

Digital Customer Experience Management

Proactively identify and resolve issues that could impact your customer’s digital experience.

Modern Application Troubleshooting

Instana streamlines troubleshooting for complex modern applications.

DevOps Performance Management

Instana integrates seamlessly with your DevOps workflow for continuous performance monitoring and improvement.

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Instana offers a simple and predictable pricing model based on the number of hosts you monitor. Contact us for a quote.

Yes, Instana integrates with a wide range of popular monitoring and DevOps tools.

Yes, We offer a free trial of Instana so you can experience the power of our APM solution firsthand.

Instana supports a wide range of platforms, including Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and on-premises infrastructure.

No, Instana automatically discovers and maps all application components without the need for code changes or manual configuration.

Instana follows industry-standard security practices and provides options for data encryption, access control, and compliance with data privacy regulations.

Yes, Instana offers integrations with popular monitoring tools and platforms, allowing you to consolidate data and leverage existing investments.

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