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One Logical Platform for All Your Data. One Modern Solution for Your Business

The next generation of data management embraces distributed data across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments; it uses a logical/semantic-model approach to integrating and managing data; and it leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify and automate manual tasks.

Product highlights

Business Value

Accelerates Business Value by adopting a logical-first approach, and it saves money, time, and resources by not having to move any data.


Provides Flexibility to businesses users, so they can swiftly adapt to changes in business conditions, competitive landscapes, and market trends.

Future Proofs

Future Proofs changes to the data infrastructure, with a data abstraction layer that enables business users to operate without interruption.

Why Denodo

A single comprehensive platform that allows you to logically Integrate, Manage and Deliver your distributed data. With the Denodo Platform, you can:

  • Democratize data

    Democratize data and allow anyone to find, query, and analyze distributed data as if it were in a single, integrated data source.

  • Deliver data

    Deliver data to the business significantly faster than physical data management approaches.

  • Improve security

    Improve security with a centralized point to monitor and manage all data access.

  • Reduce cost

    Reduce cost with integrated FinOps, reduction of data replication, and intelligent query acceleration, including an embedded Presto-based MPP engine.

How Logical Data Architectures Work


disparate data in any location, format, or latency.


related data into views with universal semantic model.


using BI & data science tools, data catalog, and APIs.

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