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Discover the value and benefit of our travel & hospitality solutions.

Cresco International offers a variety of travel & hospitality solutions that will fit your needs. We focus on analytics, optimization, and A.I. solutions that can take your organization to the next level.


Travel and hospitality infrastructure extends beyond the vehicles and buildings that move and house your customers. Simplify your understanding of your entire infrastructure through the use of modern data science techniques


Understand the efficiency of your operations with the application of strong operations research learning. Improve areas like booking, safety compliance, product distribution, and finance.

Demand prediction

The industry is increasingly competitive and has moved beyond selling seats and rooms. It would be best if you had a strong understanding of all factors that influence buying decisions to ensure sure you can meet demand without having excess capacity.

Safety & security

Security is of utmost importance in any setting, especially when it comes to customer privacy. Cresco offers security solutions that meet compliance guidelines and security goals while allowing you access to data when you need it.

Data modernization

Data modernization is the movement of data from legacy systems to modern database systems.  The goal is to improve business agility through cloud, mobile, and big data analytics.

Digital transformation

Customer interactions through chatbots, expanded loyalty programs, self-service lobbies, and tech-driven guest experiences can set you apart.

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Travel & hospitality challenges

The travel industry is going through an unprecedented level of challenges. Competitive pressure from disruptive companies like Airbnb, increased international travel, unforeseen events like global viruses and terrorism, and staffing challenges all contribute. 

Economic uncertainty

A significant concern is a continuous rise in operating costs on consumer travel and hotel demand. Efficient inventory management and resource utilization become difficult.

Personalized experiences

Travelers have grown to be accustomed to streamlined and personal shopping experiences. The digital age has ushered in demand for personalized travel.


Customer expectations are higher than ever. Having a full understanding of the choices customers prefer drives sound decision-making.

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