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A Day As A Cresco Data Scientist

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Have you ever seen advertisements that stand out to you when you get online? I believe most of us will answer ‘Yes’ to this question. Why? Once you use the internet and search for something via Google, you generate data. And that data collected from the internet will be analyzed by data scientists – the sexiest job of the 21st century.

Many individuals, particularly students, connect with me on LinkedIn and frequently ask, “What is your typical day as a Data Scientist?” And my answer continues to be, “I don’t have a typical day.” That’s quite true. I do have a daily scrum every day at 9AM where I talk with the stakeholder and understand the questions that are waiting for answers. But actually, every day is different, and I will gladly meet each new challenge that awaits me.

As a data scientist, most of our time is spent cleaning the data. Working at Cresco International, an IBM partner, I am glad that I can use intelligent IBM software such as Watson Studio, Cognos Analytics, and SPSS Modeler, which can speed up my model building process. The intuitive clicking interface helps me handle the data efficiently.

Data Scientist Watson Cresco

Model building is also part of my work. With SPSS Modeler embedded in Watson Studio Desktop, I can apply the data science algorithm into our clients’ data set and generate solutions from the results. To understand and learn more about data science, I usually spend time reading industry-related articles or discussions. I also attend several IBM events, which gives me the chance to network with data scientists from all over the world and dive into leading technology such as AI and deep learning.

Watson Studio

Finally, I want to share an old Chinese saying, “Failure is the mother of success.” We will meet numerous failures when we build models, but that doesn’t mean it’s a disaster. The ability to learn from failure is the most important thing for a data scientist. Just believe that the failure will make you better! If you need help with your data, feel free to reach out.

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