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Business Articles : Analytical Decision Management with IBM

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For most companies, quick and accurate decisions are made every day to ensure organization goals are met such as increased revenue, internal cost reduction, risk management and other improved outcomes crucial to a company’s success.

Because there is often not enough time for companies to process and analyze the high volumes of ever-changing and increasingly varied data, decisions are often based on a mix of comprehensive knowledge such as corporate policy, experience and gut instinct.

IBM’s Analytical Decision Management platform can help organizations make key, daily decisions. IBM Analytical Decision Management combines predictive analytics with data management in order to automate high volumes of data and high-value decisions. This solution increases benefits that flow from good decisions and minimize the risk associated with bad decisions. In addition IBM Analytical Decision Management can help organizations in a range of industries connect strategy to execution, especially those with large volumes of transactional decisions such as retail, banking and financial, and insurance and manufacturing.



How does it work? The basic architecture includes a JEE application server framework which runs with IBM SPSS – the framework orchestrates processes within IBM SPSS modeler using enterprise data to generate predictive models that are then deployed into an organization’s system. The underlying platform of the solution includes an SOA-based integration layer and a real-time scoring system for connecting to point of interaction systems.

IBM SPSS Modeler

Organizations that implement IBM Analytical Decision Management to automate and optimize decisions have a significant advantage over competitors. With the globalization and accessibility of resources today, businesses that ensure smart, accurate decision making, have a greater change of prevailing on the competitive playing field.

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