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Lunch n’ Learn Analytics Journey at Morton’s Steakhouse, Dallas

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Cresco International invites you to a special Lunch n’ Learn event –

What’s Your Analytics Journey?

Join us for an interactive session about:

– milestones in your analytics journey,
– predictive customer intelligence (PCI),
– Understanding consumer behavior and predictive buying patterns,
– Security in 2016, and beyond..
& more.

Date: July 20, 2016, Wednesday,
Time: 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Venue: Morton’s Steakhouse, Dallas

Lunch & Drinks complimentary!

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Here’s a short preview:

What is Your Customer Journey, or Analytics Journey?

Customer Journey documents the customer experience of how someone makes a decision of buying from you, whether product or service, starting from the initial interaction with your company’s sales person to coming back to you for more business.

Though not the same, Analytics journey helps you find the right tools to use this Customer journey data and make key business decisions to drive your company in the right direction.

Have more questions?
Then you better attend our Lunch n’ Learn Analytics Journey at Morton’s Steakhouseregister here!

What are the Milestones in your Analytics Journey?

At the beginning, you are simply satisfied with basic measurement of analytics to understand the ROI (return on investment). But as your business evolves, you opt for customized reporting and after a while, even customized reporting seems incomplete. So you use integrated data to obtain richer insights. And the journey continues.

Wouldn’t you like to see how this all transforms ultimately into customer intelligence reporting?

What is PCI?

Predicting customer behavior is an integral part of Predictive Customer Intelligence (PCI). Our IBM driven PCI solutions – Customer Behavioral Analytics – are designed to help your business create better customer experiences by providing your products/services at the right time (or nick of time!), and therefore, help you increase revenue.

How to Understand Customer Behavior to Predict Buying Patterns?

PCI tracks historical customer data trends and provides deeper insight into the future. Next, you turn that insight into action, and voila! you are ready to serve the customer in real time, or just in time. For more, you need to meet us at Morton’s Steakhouse!

What’s the Latest in Security for your Data?

We have a whole range of security solutions for your data, customized for your data as well as your business. Come on over on July 20th afternoon for Lunch, and see what the latest data security solutions can do for you.

By now you must have quite a list of questions ready for the upcoming Lunch n’ Learn Analytics Journey at Morton’s Steakhouse on July 20th afternoon, right? Be our Guest, network with Industry peers, and see where Analytics can take you! Meet with us and just have a chat.

RSVP today..

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