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Beyond Spreadsheets – The Next Level in Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

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Are you and your organization still using spreadsheets? According to 167 organizations that responded to a 2014 AberdeenGroup study, 91% use spreadsheets in regards to financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. That sounds like a lot of tedious work.

Top performing organizations use spreadsheets in a more limited way than you do, and they use other technologies to drive better performance and outcomes.

What is this idea of “beyond spreadsheets” and why should it matter to you? Find the answers in the report that explains:

  • The handful of technological enablers of the best-in-class organizations
  • Process characteristics that distinguish best-in-class performers from the rest
  • How the “beyond” spreadsheets approach helps improve productivity, revenue and operational margins

Discover what it takes to achieve best-in-class planning, budgeting and forecasting – download the Beyond Spreadsheets: The Next Level in Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Aberdeen Report today.

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