Business Intelligence in E-Commerce

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The growth of e-commerce continues to penetrate the market, especially given the COVID-19 restrictions. To adjust, people are finding new ways to shop. Shopping online for groceries at Wal-Mart, ordering food, or buying from Amazon now puts a customer’s wants just a click away. Who would’ve thought we’d be buying our groceries online, or buying shoes without trying them on. With this ease of purchasing, business owners now have to make smart decisions on market spending to keep up with demand of online buying. By implementing business intelligence (BI) into your company’s operations you can deliver value and better customer experiences in the rapidly growing e-commerce market.

Everywhere you look you see an Amazon smiling package on someone’s doorstep. Amazon has a very effective way of collecting and using data to improve their performance, boost sales, and keep customers coming back with their fast and efficient approach to delivering for customers. Using business intelligence Amazon is able to keep up with the growth by having a unified approach to their data. This assists in effective decision making for the day-to-day operations. Incorporating business intelligence into your company helps deliver value in of the following ways:

Effective Decision Making

  • BI, converts a company’s data into analyzable, and actionable insights for an organization to implement strategic decision making.

Boost Productivity

  • BI improves inventory control by reducing inefficient processes. Also, access centralized data boosts productivity by fulfilling customer demands at a click of a button.

Customer Experience

  • BI helps companies understand their customers interaction within their business, such as how they navigate the website, and what previous purchases they have made. With a single source of truth for data highly detailed dashboards are possible which put putting organizations in a position to enhance customer support, engagement, and experience.

Unified Dashboard

  • Relevant data can be pulled from different areas of organizations such as marketing and sales to create visualizations to represent the big picture of the company. These dashboards help improve and measure customer trends allowing for more effective marketing campaigns and initiatives, and increasing sales.

Bottom Line

            Implementing a powerful business intelligence tool is a must for an organization to succeed. BI improves business operations generating positive results for the business and for the customer. E-commerce is ever-expanding with the dynamic changes of technology. Here at Cresco International we can help put your company on a path to success and help you meet the growing online demands of your customers.

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