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Cloud Expertise Earns Cresco International Recognition as 2016 IBM North American Top Performing New Business Partner Award

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Due to Cresco International’s Overall revenue performance in 2015, February 17th Cresco international was awarded IBM North American Top Performing New Business Partner of the year.

Based on our expertise in cloud-based analytics, Cresco is now pleased to be offering AoC, Analytics on Cloud. Due to the ever growing needs of businesses we see this as an essential transition.  “Cloud is inevitable. Organizations can quickly move to this platform and save money. That is why we saw it crucial to offer our cloud expertise to organizations which contributes to the launch of our new offering AoC.” Says Sanjeev Datta, Practice Director of Cresco International.



AoC is vital to keeping up with the changing world of technology in business. Find out more about Analytics on Cloud here:

We at Cresco are honored to accept this award to read more about this award please go to .

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