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Consumer Product Companies: How to Use Analytics Insights for Better Business Value

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To drive growth and brand loyalty in this environment, consumer product companies need the ability to foster one-to-one engagement. Understanding what causes consumption and purchase behavior is key to maintain consumer relationships. Integrating data from multiple sources, and applying the appropriate analytics tools can help to better understand consumers.

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Consumer product companies may face numerous constraints related to data collecting, organizing, and analyzing through multiple channels. Although data warehouse and business intelligence technologies help companies analyze historical data, they were not designed to process wide varieties of high-velocity data to offer immediate insights. Most current IT solutions offer only fragments of consumer profiles and cannot conduct the micro-segment targeting needed for marketing and communications personalization.

How Cresco Can Help

As an IBM premier business partner, Cresco International provides the latest IT solutions to address these challenges. We have been helping consumer products companies gain insight of consumer data and optimize the business value with IBM Consumer Insights and Engagement software. This software provides a rich set of integrated consumer data, analytics and marketing capabilities to help businesses quickly and cost-effectively organize and analyze a wealth of information.

With new insights, marketing and sales groups can produce precise, targeted communications that improve their return on marketing investment. Consumer products companies can nurture direct relationships with consumers and enable interactions that enhance brand engagement, driving loyalty and advocacy. Ultimately, they can use more data and advanced analytics to shift spending to tactics that have a higher probability of success in boosting sales and increasing market share.

The increasing use of digital channels presents tremendous opportunities for consumer products companies that can harness the power of consumer data. Cresco International looks forward to helping you capitalize on those opportunities by integrating data, conducting micro-segmentation and running real-time analytics. You can create targeted, timely messages that let you improve consumer engagement, spur transactions and encourage brand advocacy.

Get rid of third parties, excavate more from your customers. We are always here to help. For more information, please contact us.

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