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Effective & Essential Supply Chain Optimization

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Supply chain optimization is the ability to access real-time data related to the order process, inventory, delivery, and supply chain distribution. With all of these core things working productively, supply chain optimization can deploy strategy effectively, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Recently, the COVID-19 crisis has revealed the transparency of the modern supply chain. The pandemic has impacted global trade at an unprecedented speed and scale. COVID-19 had created a lack of orders through the supply chain, made it take longer to settle an invoice, and reversed a previous trend of faster payments.

Jesse Lin, the Project Specialist of World Economic Forums, wrote about

China's reputation as the 'factory of the world' is also causing problems as many of the country's trading partners remain in lockdown... As orders are flatlining in the US and other key trade partners, it is doubtful whether China can orchestrate a recovery purely on its own terms.

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Cresco International utilized supply chain optimization to bridge the gap for FleetPride...

Since 1999 FleetPride has specialized in selling parts and providing services for heavy-duty trucks and trailers. With more than 260 locations across the country, they have gained customer loyalty and achieved their goal to be one of the most reliable part suppliers in every market.

In 2017, FleetPride teamed up with Cresco International to expand prescriptive and predictive analytics solutions from IBM. This partnership ensured that FleetPride customers get the parts they need when they need them.

Homarijun Argrahari, Director, Advanced Analytics at FleetPride, stated, “Our extensive distribution network and integrated supply chain are absolutely critical to our success.” Keeping a large and complex supply chain such as FleetPride, efficiently operating is a challenge.

Cresco formed a technical foundation for the FleetPride analytics team and provided in-depth training. With IBM analytics solutions in place, FleetPride gained insight into operational data that transformed its approach to supply chain management. They no longer have to guess to manage links in the supply chain, but they have access to detailed data reports that assist in decision making in regards to the efficiency of the entire supply chain. Cresco’s goal is always to share the same business understanding as our clients.

Cresco International’s Practice Director and CEO, Sanjeev Datta, stated… 

Our clients trust our industry knowledge and product experience. Building analytical solutions that prove a high return on investment only works with step-by-step approaches that help to gain trust and prove excellence, providing a winning strategy and solution. The Cresco team has time and again proved to FleetPride our commitment through our technical capabilities, project delivery, and exceptional teamwork.

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