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Employee Engagement Really Matters

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Engaged employees are one of the most valuable assets of a company. Better engagement always means more creativity, better communication and increased productivity. Enterprises today need more engaged employees than ever before.

However, the importance of employee engagement is always neglected. Seldom do companies realize that employee engagement is also an asset, if not the most important one, to win the battle in achieving customer loyalty. This is understandable since human resource is an intangible asset and we never place a price tag on the loss of an engaged employee. But all successful companies will never make such a mistake. Several questions are always asked: How can we attract and retain the right employees with the right skills? What kind of employees would be more engaged? What prevents an engaged employee from leaving my company?

In order to answer these questions, we need a model to predict whether an employee prefers to stay or leave. The first step is data collection. Both structured data and unstructured data should be collected. Structured data can be easily collected in conventional methods, while it’s much more difficult to get unstructured data. The next step is to split data set and apply proper model to the organized data. The simplest models are logistic linear model and decision tree model. The more complicated models, such as random forest, boosting and artificial neural network, may better fit the dataset. The final step is the evaluation. By changing parameters, the model reduces its misclassification rate and finally we get the one that meet requirement.

pic for blog 6-21In addition, the classification rules from the model reflect factors influencing the turnover of employees. The split details of the model accurately reflects characters of resigning employees. HR analysts can easily determine what kind of employee is more likely to become a valuable asset of the company and what kind of employee may turnover.

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