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Higher Education Enrolment Management with Business Analytics

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In the past 40 years, enrolment management has gone from conceptual to a rational, data-informed and systematic approach. “Technology improvements allow us to reach more students in ways that were unimaginable”, says Steven Klein, the Associate Vice President for Enrolment Management at Angelo State University, “Technology as applied to enrolment management has exploded during the past decade, our role includes preparing the campus to think about what our students want today and what to expect tomorrow”.

In this respect, Cresco International is helping higher education institutions predict potential enrolment indexes, including which groups of students are more likely to succeed, using IBM Decision Management for Enrolment Management.

enrolment management cresco

This solution applies proven modeling algorithms to help users extract information and uncover patterns behind collected data. It improves yields at different statute of enrolment process. It can also help colleges or universities create predictions on which students have higher likelihood to fit in with the school culture, the best recruiting channels and incentive strategies, and more.

The concept behind IBM Decision Management for Enrolment Management is simple, and extremely powerful. Usually the analysis starts with structured and text data, which are part of the enrolment process and have already been collected. During the analysis, you can view specific enrolment and operational objectives applied to the model, and optimizing recommendations such as which recruiting strategies and areas have higher potential to target your ideal mix of students.

cresco enrolment management solution

Other analysis includes improving current student retention rate, determining who is more likely to donate, how much and when they are likely to give, predicting where dangerous criminal activities are most likely to occur on campus etc., which can all be accomplished by IBM SPSS Modeler.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact Cresco today to get started on Enrolment Management with IBM Decision Management. Team Cresco can customize the Enrolment Management solution according to your historical and current data, thus helping you extract more insight into the whole process. Don’t forget to mention the MaaS option where you can opt to view the analytics solution at work with the custom model(s), and at the end have the option to either use the results, or utilize the full package, including the models and results. It’s your choice.

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