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Data Solutions for 2019 and Beyond

Learn how to leverage Optimization, Data Science and Kubernetes
An event for Data Managers, Analytics Experts & Architects
Here is a brief outline for the event:
1. Platform Introduction
2. Data Virtualization (including hands on)
3. ETL Data Stage function (including hands on)
4. Data Science Community Function (notebook & content search)
5. SPSS, Modeler & Notebook on hands
6. Watson Machine Learning Deployment
7. Open Scale Monitoring
8. Governance
9. Discussion & Take Away
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Jun 25 2019


Central Time (UTC-06:00)
9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Tech Talk


Tech Talk
Cresco International


Cresco International


  • Kenny Mobley
    Kenny Mobley
    Vice President of Services

    Kenny Mobley is a technology leader who helps organizations align their technology/business cultures and strategies. Through his 24 years of experience, he has helped Fortune 20, mid-sized, and start-up organizations to introduce data-driven business practices, increase organizational efficiency, optimize their processes, and implement new technology solutions.

  • Sanjeev Datta
    Sanjeev Datta

    Sanjeev has spent the last two decades consulting companies in technology and strategy around analytics and enterprise architecture. He has helped companies with data strategy, data governance, analytics & Data Science. He has led teams to deliver excellence for clients from strategy to implementation. His career began as a consultant working closely with technology which has allowed him to understand clients’ needs and the importance of generating ROI for continued business and partnerships.

  • Xiaoyi (Dylan) Dong
    Xiaoyi (Dylan) Dong
    Data Scientist

    Xiaoyi is the Data Scientist of Cresco International. He partners with IBM to provide BI&AI products support, solutions and consulting services in various industries.

  • Yang Yu
    Yang Yu
    Operations Research Practice Manager

    Yang is the Operations Research Practice Manager of Cresco International. He develops optimization models for practical projects, pre-sales, etc.

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