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Got data?

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Cresco International

Advanced Analytics

The ability to synthesize and interpret meaningful data is essential to making the most effective decisions for your business. We help you maximize the accuracy and use of your analytics so that you can focus on the growth of your business.

Cloud & Infrastructure

We provide an all-in-one IT service that is adaptive and cost-effective. We plan and build infrastructure that is receptive to your business by integrating solutions and analytics into a secure cloud-based platform.

Data Security

Our goal is to minimize risk. Cresco’s custom analytics predicts, detects, and prevents fraud in order to keep your company and employees’ data safe and secure.

We provide value from start to finish

At Cresco, we take on challenges using small, specialized teams with high-value outcomes and superior success rates

1 M+
Average Cost Savings

We save clients hundreds of millions of dollars with our customized analytics and optimization software.

1 %
Revenue Increase

Our data experts help discover market opportunities, areas of growth, and what drives your core business.

1 +

We customize our tools and services for all your business needs. We work with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Our Services

Consulting & Advisory

Cresco specializes in transformative data consulting and technical advisory. Our engagements range from individual analyses to full data strategies.

Solutions include:

  • Detailed road-maps to your data goals
  • Advanced analytic proofs of concept
  • Recommendations on data governance
  • Implementation strategies and plans
  • User adoption and change strategies
  • High-level architectures
  • Digital Transformation

Managed Services & Support

Cresco’s technical experts can fully deliver a custom analytics, security, or cloud infrastructure solution. We will manage all required activities, including architecture, requirements, design, development, and implementation. We work with your organization to develop a custom solution that works for your infrastructure, skill set, and goals. Our talented team has found success for clients across the globe of all sizes and industries.

Services Include:

  • Proactive maintenance that can optimize costs and ensure reliability 
  • A client success manager than can help with escalation, strategy, and other Cresco services

  • Value-added services that help maximize your software investments
  • Assistance configuring and tuning for peak utility and performance
  • Direct support of your users and the devices they
  • Flexible solutions that grow when you do, even during peak season

Training & Education

Based on our extensive experience working with analytics tools and processes, we’ve designed learning paths for all data needs. Our learning paths emphasize the most important elements you will need to know to accelerate your data capabilities.

Available Courses:

  • IBM Cognos Analytics for Consumers
  • Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics 
  • What’s New in Cognos Analytics
  • Cognos Analytics Dashboard 
  • Creating Active Reports 
  • Advanced Reporting 
  • Metadata Modeling with framework Manager
  • Cognos Analytics System Administration
  • And More!

Software & Hardware

Improve your purchase experience. Our sales expert will help you find the best rates for all your software. and hardware needs. We also provide tools that enable your organization to ensure proper use of software licenses, prevent under-utilization, over-utilization, and shelfware.

We provide:

  • Software renewal support
  • Software & hardware purchases
  • Proactive audit
  • Support & prevention

Our Products

Brucke by Cresco - Logo

Brücke bridges the gap between analytics, data science, and decision optimization.  This browser based application provides operations research specialists with an easy to use interface for any model, platform, or cloud. 

Humming Sales is the #1 choice for organizations seeking to derive greater value from their customers. Using a variety of advanced tools and techniques, our solution takes a holistic approach to improving customer lifetime value.

Featured solutions

Demand Planning & Inventory Control

Holding stock is costing you money. Providing optimum services at an efficient rate costs you money too. So understanding and streamlining demand planning and inventory control is key to your success. Our customized solution sheds light on factors within your business that contribute to “actual” sales versus “projected” or “planned” sales, thus giving you the insight to enhance your production and supply chain resources, and finally save you precious resources.

Fraud Detection & Security

Stop fraud, waste and abuse at your company, before they occur. Safeguard your reputation by enabling early detection, which in turn enables prevention as well as protection of you, your company, and your employees.
Our customized analytics solution uses predictive analytics to detect suspicious activity and possibly prevent it on time. This solution also analyzes your overall organization and gives you a better understanding of your risk factors. Additionally, behavioral analytics in real time helps in monitoring, preventing and protecting your assets.

Profitability Modeling & Pricing Intelligence

Pricing is not only about the price of the product. It’s about the experience too. It’s also about the availability of selections, even promotions on site. For more success, companies need a “price + value” strategy that can be enabled with the use of analytics. With our customized analytics solution, we help you evaluate what the customers demand, as well as the relationship to pricing.. As part of customer behavior analytics, we help you identify ways to lower costs and increase your profits.

Human Capital Retention

Your favorite employee just resigned. Are you now neck-deep in turnover risk analysis? Don’t just react to your employee leaving. Instead, predict on who’s going to leave, what factors lead to such behavior, and most importantly, what you can do to retain your employees. This prediction can only be possible with our customized analytics solution. Our solution helps you and the senior management team in your company to understand the retention challenges you are facing. You can define the “risk” of each of your employees too. And yes, identify the primary debilitating factor at an individual employee’s level and seek help to avoid such situations.