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Got Data ?

At Cresco International, we believe that operations research, optimization, and data can unlock the savings and earning potential of any organization. Using our tools and methods, we open pathways for the generation of maximum value. Whether you need enhanced return on your investments, improved efficiency & productivity, or the identification of new sources of revenue, Cresco can help. We are your go-to partner for saving and making money. As trusted consultants with technical knowledge and business acumen, we integrate the latest technology with our line of award-winning, customized solutions to help build success into organizations on a global level and across a wide spectrum of industries. 

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Our Analytics & Data Consuting Services

Cresco International’s technical experts can fully deliver a custom analytics, security, or cloud infrastructure solution. We will manage all required activities, including architecture, requirements, design, development, and implementation. We work with your organization to develop a custom solution that works for your infrastructure, skillset, and goals. Our talented analytics and data consulting team has found success for clients of all sizes and industries.


Consulting & Advisory​

We specialize in impactful operations research, optimization, and data consulting and technical advisory. We can help you with Decision Optimization, Machine Learning, Data Consulting & Data Strategy, Cloud Infrastructure, Automation, Financial Planning, and Security areas.

support services

Managed Services

Our support service ensures that you always have someone to call when needed. We provide certified analytics consultants who are up to date with the latest product features, use cases, and best practices in data science, operations research, and optimization. 


Training & Education​

We offer training solutions and certifications developed by subject-matter experts to help organizations and individuals increases their skills. Our learning paths emphasize the most important elements you will need to know to accelerate your capabilities.

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