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Got Data ?

At Cresco International, we believe that technology and data can unlock the savings and earning potential of any organization. Using our products and services, we open pathways for the generation of maximum value. Whether you need an enhanced return on your investments, improved efficiency & productivity, or the identification of new sources of revenue, Cresco can help. Scroll down to see how we can help you with our consulting & advisory, software and hardware, support, and training & education services in our eight areas of expertise.

Our Capabilities

Our main areas of expertise are Decision Optimization, Machine Learning, Data Strategy & Governance, Cloud Infrastructure, Transformation Automation, Financial Planning, and Security. Click on the circle below to learn more about the solutions and services we provide in each area.

DecisionOptimization Analytics &Reporting Cloud &Infrastructure Transformation& Automation FinancialPlanning MachineLearning S E C U R I T Y S E C U R I T Y S E C U R I T Y Data Strategy & Governance

Our Services

Consulting & Advisory​

We specialize in impactful data consulting and technical advisory. We can help you with data strategy & governance, financial planning, digital transformation, and data science readiness.

Software & Hardware

Our sales experts will help you find the best rates for all your software and hardware needs. We also provide tools that enable your organization to ensure proper and effective use of software licenses.

Support Services

Our support service ensures that you always have someone to call when needed. We provide a certified consultant that is up to date with the latest product features, use cases, and best practices. 

Training & Education​

We offer training solutions and certifications developed by subject-matter experts to help organizations and individuals increases their skill an competence using technology tools. 

Our Team & Approach

As trusted advisors with technical knowledge and business acumen, we integrate the latest technology with our line of award-winning, customized solutions. We take on client challenges using small, specialized teams with high-value outcomes and success rates.

  • Client Strategy Workshop

    Conduct a client strategy workshop to discuss your needs, challenges, and objectives. 

  • Proof of Concept

    Develop a proof of concept (PoC) or minimum viable product to prove the value of our solutions.

  • Solution & Training Delivery

    Deliver our solution and provide training for self-service capability.  We believe in increasing client knowledge in every engagement!

Our Clients

We service clients from North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Our specialized teams take on client challenges across multiple industries with high-value outcomes and high success rates.

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