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Artificial Intelligence

Leverage Data Science solutions to predict outcomes.

Cresco International offers a variety of Data Science solutions that will fit your needs. We focus on solutions that can take your organization to the next level. For example, your favorite employee just resigned. Are you now neck deep in turnover risk analysis? Don’t just react to your employee leaving. Instead, predict on who’s going to leave, what factors lead to such behavior, and most importantly, what you can do to retain your employees. This prediction can only be possible with our customized Data Science solutions. Our solutions help you and the senior management team in your company to understand the retention challenges you are facing. You can define the “risk” of each of your employees too. And yes, identify the primary debilitating factor at an individual employee’s level and seek help to avoid such situations. 

Supervised Learning

Supervised learning typically works with an established set of data and requires a certain understanding of how that data is classified.

Unsupervised Learning​

When looking at a massive amount of unlabeled data, understanding the meaning requires algorithms that classify the data based on the patterns or clusters it finds.

Reinforcement Learning

Algorithms receive feedback from analyzed data. The system learns through trial and error and a sequence of successful decisions will result in the process being reinforced.

Deep Learning

Incorporates neural networks in successive layers to learn from data in an iterative matter.  Especially useful when you’re trying to learn patterns from unstructured data.

Overarching market trends, the evolution and explosion of data, and the acceleration of technology are fundamentally changing such that companies need to implement a modern Data Science strategy to be competitive. When embarking on new data projects, these are the top five challenges we’re seeing business and IT leaders face:

  • Inaccessible Data and Data Security
  • Infrastructure Requirements for Testing & Experimentation
  • Rigid Business Models
  • Lack of Talent
  • Time-Consuming Implementation
  • Affordability

Cresco International provides cutting-edge Data Science solutions to transform your business. We have a team of experienced and professional Data Science developers who gained unbelievable hands-on best practices in using various advanced technologies. Whether you’re planning to build in-house or buy off the shelf, you can’t afford to skip any steps in the process. Our Data Science roadmap can help you get started on your Data Science journey today! Contact us Today!

Uncover the value in your data with SPSS

We craft analytics solutions for companies using our combined expertise in technology, strategy formation, and management. We work with your organization to develop a custom solution that works for your infrastructure, skill set, and goals. Engagements range from individual analyses to full data strategies.

Need Technical Support?

Save money on full-time resources by choosing a support package that fits your usage pattern! Our support service is a monthly chunk of hours that you can leverage for one or more resources, working full-time or part-time, to ensure you have someone to call upon when you need them. With us, you’ll receive:

A certified consultant that is up to date with the latest and greatest product features, use cases, and best practices.

Guaranteed global support coverage when you need it, 24/7 for 365 days a year.

Speedy resolution times (as fast as 1 hour!).


Operations Support

Proactive maintenance that can optimize costs and ensure reliability.

support services

Configuration & Setup

Assistance configuring and tuning for peak utility and performance.


Client Success

A client success manager who can help with escalation, strategy, and other Cresco services.

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User Support

Direct support of your users and the devices they use to access services.

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Value-added services that help maximize your software investments.

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Flexible solutions that grow when you do, even during peak season.

Success stories

Read the following success stories about Data Science solutions to see how our chosen technologies are used to create maximum value.


To run a major international retail business effectively, data-driven decision-making is a must. Through BI tools such as IBM® Cognos® Analytics, GameStop is empowering business users to serve themselves with the data they need and transforming the IT team from a producer of reports to an enabler of business insight.

MINES ParisTech

Business thrives on innovation, and the convergence of classic computer simulation with new deep learning techniques presents a world of new opportunity. To help its industry partners seize the initiative, MINES ParisTech is building hybrid modeling and analytics tools on an IBM® Power® Systems AC922 server with IBM POWER9™ CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs.

Hong Kong Shue Yan University

When Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) launched its Big Data Lab, it adopted a single solution that’s both user friendly and rich in microservices: the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data platform. Students also use the integrated AutoAI graphical tool in IBM Watson® Studio software, which automatically runs key tasks to build machine learning models without any coding.

Innocens BV

A healthcare startup reduces the time required to identify infants at risk of developing sepsis by up to several hours—enabling earlier and more successful intervention—when it works with IBM to develop a predictive edge computing solution using machine learning.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the world. That’s why leading researcher Multitel is using IBM® Watson® Machine Learning Accelerator to harness the power of deep learning to make our cities greener, air travel safer, help doctors understand degenerative diseases, and much more.

CVS Sponsorship of Flu Insights with Watson on The Weather Channel

Sponsorship of the Flu Insights with Watson feature within The Weather Channel app for iOS and Android that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to arm consumers across the country with critical information to help them prepare for flu season.


BASF wanted to make digitalization an integral part of its business to create additional value for customers, grow the business and improve efficiency. Working with IBM, the company’s Nutrition & Health division conducted a proof of concept (PoC) with IBM® Watson® technology to explore how AI and machine learning can support smarter inventory decisions, helping to ensure that products arrive in the right place at the right time.

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