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Watson Discovery

Empowering employees with better information

As businesses evolve to become digital and to generate more structured and unstructured content, the need for insight engine technology to surface relevant facts, content, and knowledge to stakeholders is critical. From a value for money standpoint, insight engines offer flexibility and broad applicability when it comes to getting and pushing knowledge to the broadest set of customers and employees.

Watson Discovery is evolving beyond an enterprise search solution, and into to a powerful platform providing both document and language understanding to uncover hidden insights employees need when working on complex processes, such as Insurance Underwriting, Investment Research Analysis, Research and Development, Contract Understanding, Customer Care, etc.


Surface hidden insights

Uncover valuable trends and patterns buried within your text data.

Supercharge information retrieval

Find exactly what you need with AI-powered search that understands natural language.

Boost decision-making

Gain a deeper understanding of your data to make more informed choices.

Automate content analysis

Save time by letting AI analyze and categorize your data automatically.

Customize what you discover

Tailor Watson Discovery to your specific needs with custom enrichments.

Break down data silos

 Unify information from diverse sources for a holistic view.

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Extract data from human-read documents (pdf, ppt, word, html).


Enrich text with most advanced
out of the box NLP.


Teach Discovery to improve with input from business users


Analyze data at scale to find answers, insights, patterns.

Convert images of text into insights

OCR provides higher character accuracy and detection recall.

Large Language Models

Foundation models from NLP for advanced processing and understanding of text. 

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Financial Markets

Automate and accelerate financial market industry processes with insights from documents.


Accelerate banking processes by augmenting experts to find answers and insights buried in business documents.


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IBM Watson Discovery is an AI-powered platform that uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze large volumes of text data. It helps you find insights, understand information, and improve decision-making.

  • Faster search and retrieval of information
  • Improved accuracy and relevance of search results
  • Identification of hidden patterns and trends in data
  • Automated content analysis and insights generation

Yes, Watson Discovery can be integrated with Watson Assistant to create a virtual assistant that can answer questions based on your data.

Watson Discovery can handle a variety of data formats, including documents, emails, social media posts, and public data.

Watson Discovery offers a variety of features, including:

  • Natural language search

  • Document summarization

  • Entity recognition

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Custom enrichments

Yes, Watson Discovery can detect both document and phrase sentiment. This can help you understand the overall tone and opinion expressed in your data.

Yes, Watson Discovery offers a variety of APIs that allow you to integrate it with your applications.

Yes, IBM provides SDKs for several programming languages that make it easy to use Watson Discovery in your applications.

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