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Accelerate your innovation with modern Automation technology.

Data-intensive, repetitive, and low-value tasks can consume your knowledge workers and slow a company’s productivity down. Robotic process automation (RPA) helps bring these challenges of handling big data sources to the forefront. RPA can be used to eliminate mundane tasks using intelligent digital workers to free up your knowledge workers for high-value tasks and innovation. Implementing software bots with RPA automates repetitive and routine tasks by replicating human behavior while working alongside your human workforce.

Cresco International will provide  you with state-of-the-art assessments and improvements to all manual and semi-automated processes. The assessment enhances the adoption of an RPA solution. Accompanied with training for implementation & usage, lowering costs, reducing errors; all while increasing the number of automated tasks fulfilled round the clock. Our solutions include the following features:

  • Improved business results
  • Reduced workload
  • Minimize exposure to sensitive data
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Maintaining a flawless audit trail

Decision-Making Automation

Automate complex decision-making with optimization and machine learning to instantly obtain optimal decisions. Optimization can use data and predictive solutions to provide prescriptive analysis that provide you with real advantage.

Process Automation

Automate routine functions through business process automation (BPA). This will make your internal and external processes easier, faster, and less costly to manage.

Intelligent Automation

What-if scenario analysis provides a specific solution or a set of solutions based on given scenarios. During this process, the decision-maker can change input data, constraints, and priority of business objectives, or even appoint some part of the final prescribed solution.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the strategic adoption of digital technologies – both technical and cultural.  It is used to improve processes and productivity, deliver better customer and employee experiences, manage business risk, and control costs.

The Cresco International robotic planning automation solutions, in collaboration with IBM’s technology stack is a way to introduce automation and gain business benefit at low cost and with near-zero risk. Our focus on Lean Six Sigma and process improvement, combined with the technical know-how, ensures that automated processes are accurate and efficient.

Need Technical Support for Transformation & Automation?

Save money on full-time resources by choosing a support package that fits your usage pattern! Our support service is a monthly chunk of hours that you can leverage for one or more resources, working full-time or part-time, to ensure you have someone to call upon when you need them. With us, you’ll receive:

A certified consultant that is up to date with the latest and greatest product features, use cases, and best practices.

Guaranteed global support coverage when you need it, 24/7 for 365 days a year.

Speedy resolution times (as fast as 1 hour!).


Operations Support

Proactive maintenance that can optimize costs and ensure reliability.

support services

Configuration & Setup

Assistance configuring and tuning for peak utility and performance.


Client Success

A client success manager who can help with escalation, strategy, and other Cresco services.

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User Support

Direct support of your users and the devices they use to access services.

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Transformation & Automation Advisory

Value-added services that help maximize your software investments.

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Flexible solutions that grow when you do, even during peak season.

Success stories

Read the following Transformation & Automation success stories to see how our chosen technologies are used to create maximum value.


In their vision of replenishment optimization, the speed of turning insight into action is the real game-changer, and the way to get there is through the intersection of AI and robotic process automation (RPA).

MNG Kargo

MNG Kargo chose IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation to create automated business workflows and implement a new document management system. The solution has improved customer satisfaction, prevented fraud and enhanced invoice reporting capabilities.

Emaar Properties PJS

When Emaar, one of the world’s largest real estate companies, needed to make its back-office operations more efficient, IBM helped identify key processes that would benefit the most from automation. Emaar also deployed IBM® Robotic Process Automation tools to automate 86 percent of its daily volume of transactions while reducing staffing costs by 40 percent.


Sicoob proves that time is money. Using IBM Robotic Process Automation technology, the credit union system reduced process times up to 80% and cut costs up to 20%.


To speed up the production of key management reports, Deloitte-Brazil deployed the AI-driven IBM Robotic Process Automation tool to automate repetitive work. Automation also freed up valuable time for Deloitte professionals to focus on more high-value work.

BlueShore Financial

With help from intelligent content and process automation experts VersaFile, BlueShore Financial deploys IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation software, saving CAD 300,000 per year by going paperless and increasing lending volume 250% over three years.

Kyocera Corporation

KYOCERA Global teamed with IBM to double production and expand sales through factory automation.

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