Data Strategy & Governance

We are redefining what data can do for you.

Data Strategy

Data governance is the exercise of authority and control (including planning, monitoring, and enforcement) over the management of data assets to derive maximum value and protect it from misuse. To what extent are you in control of the way your orgnization handles data? .

Data Science Readiness

Data science readiness has three key components: data availability, data quality, and data literacy. Let Cresco help you achieve all three, along with sufficient computing performance, to fulfill your data science goals.

Data Governance

Evaluate what-if scenarios: Provides specific solution or a set of solutions. During this process the decision maker can change input data, constraints, and priority of business objectives, or even appoint some part of the final prescribed solution. 

Data Management

Data management is a comprehensive method to define and manage an organization’s critical data. It includes integration processes, storage and security mechanisms, and quality control. Work with Cresco to understand the costs of ineffective data management and learn a better way.

Uncover the value in your data

We craft analytics solutions for companies using our combined expertise in technology, strategy formation, and management. We work with your organization to develop a custom solution that works for your infrastructure, skill set, and goals. Engagements range from individual analyses to full data strategies.

Success stories

See how our chosen technologies are used to create maximum value.

Yapı Kredi Bank

Yapı Kredi had launched a data governance initiative and needed to create a business glossary as part of that effort. The bank used the IBM® InfoSphere® Information Governance Catalog offering to create and define common business terms and to foster greater collaboration among its data stewards and data managers.