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Investing in security is key to the success and reputation of an organization.

Stop fraud, waste and abuse at your company, before they occur. Safeguard your reputation by enabling early detection, which in turn enables prevention as well as protection of you, your company, and your employees. Our customized analytics solutions use predictive analytics to detect suspicious activity and possibly prevent it on time. These solutions also analyze your overall organization and gives you a better understanding of your risk factors. Additionally, behavioral analytics in real time helps in monitoring, preventing and protecting your assets.

Cresco leverages cybersecurity assessments, cyber training, penetration testing, and incident response retainers to protect the business. With these offerings you can:

  • Unlock visibility into new security threats with advanced analytics
  • Uncover hidden vulnerabilities and high-risk data breach indicators
  • Earn stakeholder trust through executive reporting within 30-60 days
  • Avoid regulatory fines by integrating a 24/7 incident response team

Penetration Testing

We use IBM’s well-regarded X-Force Red penetration services to provide industry expert testing. This testing can be ad-hoc or part of a managed program. This intrusion testing service provides a full spectrum of testing, including: external threat, insiders, malicious users, and hacktivists.

Security Program Assessment

Standards and guides have been developed, vetted, and widely accepted to assist with protection from cyber attacks. The Cresco security program assessment includes a selectable array of these standards for a tailored assessment of cyber vulnerabilities using the NIST cybersecurity assessment. Once the standards are selected and the resulting question sets are answered, the team will create a compliance summary, compiled variance statistics, ranked top areas of concern, and generated security recommendations.

Incident Response Retainer

Proactive management and preparation can improve the efficacy of managing security risk and reduce overall costs. The right services and processes make it possible to identify potential threats, detect and contain existing threats before they wreak havoc, and respond quickly in worst-case scenarios by coordinating response efforts ahead of time. Our Incident response retainer leverages the IBM X-Force IRIS team which is comprised of industry-leading, highly skilled security professionals, who are experienced in investigating the world’s largest breaches.

Manage Detect Respond (MDR)

Cresco’s MDR service, when used in collaboration with IBM’s category-leading software solutions and IRIS response team, provides 24/7 threat prevention, detection, and fast-response capability. We will augment your current staff with fractional managed services. These services will provide you with a trusted advisor that does periodic reviews and assessments of your incidents and capabilities. This also includes remote management and support of any software assets that you assign to the MDR program.

Cybersecurity Employee Training

It is critical to deliver proper training to your employees to ensure they are fully informed about the latest ways hackers may make users avenues for stealing company information. Give them the knowledge needed to appropriately act when phishing attempts and email compromise attempts reach users. Our training helps with identifying user risk, changing employee behavior, and reducing your exposure. With proper training, you may be able to reduce malware infections and phishing attacks by up to 90%.

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Need Technical Support for Security?

Save money on full-time resources by choosing a support package that fits your usage pattern! Our support service is a monthly chunk of hours that you can leverage for one or more resources, working full-time or part-time, to ensure you have someone to call upon when you need them. With us, you’ll receive:

A certified consultant that is up to date with the latest and greatest product features, use cases, and best practices.

Guaranteed global support coverage when you need it, 24/7 for 365 days a year.

Speedy resolution times (as fast as 1 hour!).


Operations Support

Proactive maintenance that can optimize costs and ensure reliability.

support services

Configuration & Setup

Assistance configuring and tuning for peak utility and performance.


Client Success

A client success manager who can help with escalation, strategy, and other Cresco services.

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User Support

Direct support of your users and the devices they use to access services.

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Security Advisory

Value-added services that help maximize your software investments.

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Flexible solutions that grow when you do, even during peak season.

Success stories

Read the following Security success stories to see how our chosen technologies are used to create maximum value.


ANDRITZ engages IBM Security software and services to speed cyberthreat detection, investigation and response processes.

An asset management firm - Time is money

To empower its cybersecurity team, Novaland Group deployed the IBM Security QRadar SIEM platform. Now, the platform helps the team accelerate cyberthreat detection, analysis and response in a cost-effective manner.


Credico, a professional services firm, enabled 100% tablet policy compliance and enhanced endpoint security with IBM MaaS360 with Watson – an AI-powered UEM solution.


IBM is poised to deploy upgraded identity capabilities with enhanced security, scale, and user experience with its own commercially available solution, IBM Security Verify, as the standard cloud IAM services platform for all B2E and B2B identities.

Novaland Group

To empower its cybersecurity team, Novaland Group deployed the IBM Security QRadar SIEM platform. Now, the platform helps the team accelerate cyberthreat detection, analysis and response in a cost-effective manner.


No risk, no reward? Not true for reinsurance companies. One French company teamed with IBM to take the pain out of risk mitigation processes.

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