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Next-Generation Data Transfer with IBM Aspera

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The continuous growth of many organizations adopting hybrid-cloud infrastructures provide many benefits, but face the imminent challenge of moving and exchanging their datasets and files. Using traditional transfer technologies is slow and outdated, as physical disk shipments cause more layover and entail security risks. IBM Aspera provides a cross-industry solution that tames data transfer challenges, allowing users to move big data across multiple environments with no risk of data exposure or data loss.

IBM Aspera ensures the transfers between users within different environments will be swift and dependable with a patented Fast and Secure Protocol, otherwise known as FASP. This proprietary data transfer protocol is optimized and has pre-integrated security mechanisms that do not affect the transmission speed. We’re looking at speeds that can exceed FTP & HTTP by nearly 100x without saturating the network. With a user-friendly interface, you can control network bandwidth, reduce transit times, and orchestrate workflows. Organizations see business outcomes such as time consolidation, reduction in operations and capital equipment costs, and enhanced collaboration amongst their teams.

Contact us at Cresco to learn how IBM Aspera can be utilized within your organization to move big data and digital content globally, at unprecedented speeds.

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