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Gain Deeper Insights with our Marketing Analytics 2 Action™ (MA2A) solution

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Marketing Analytics 2 Action is an award-winning offering designed to provide the tools your marketing and sales teams need to deploy, analyze, monitor and visualize their marketing efforts. Let’s explore its features and benefits to see how you can gain deeper insights from your data with our MA2A solution..

Social Media Analytics

A personalized and easy analytics tool that allows marketers to explore Twitter and Social Media data to review social analytics, create predictions on social data, reviews behavior trends, identify potential campaign opportunities, generate visualizations, and build custom dashboards.

marketing analytics to action solution cresco

Watch Social Media Analytics by Cresco IN ACTION with our Videos

Marketing Automation & Journey Marketing on Cloud

Marketing Cloud allows you to manage email marketing, lead management, mobile engagement solutions and social media marketing. In addition, Marketing Cloud allows you to better understand customers’ online and offline journeys.

Campaign Management

With this campaign management tool, you can build targeted dialogue with your target audience, measure marketing activities, set up customer segmentation, and re-use campaign building blocks for future campaigns.

Analytics for Digital Marketing

Quickly gain insight via dashboards that monitor customer behavior, provides real-time web analytics, and ID real campaign contributions and attribution insights.

marketing analytics to action solution cresco

Interact & Engage

Send decision based, real-time, personalized messages across digital marketing channels. We understand the need for sending such messages to retain loyal customers, as well as nurture new leads. So we made sure our MA2A solution gives you such capabilities from a single window.

In Conclusion

We know IBM Business Analytics. We have developed this core solution – Marketing Analytics to Action™ (MA2A) – from our own experiences with the successes and failures of our marketing efforts. When we were awarded the IBM Beacon Award as a finalist for Excellence in Marketing last year, we knew we were on something really cool, and really helpful. So here it is for you and your business – use the very tools and solutions we use to gain analytics perspectives and achieve marketing goals. You can choose one or all elements of this core solution. Our team of professionals are ready to customize this solution to fit your data environment and your business needs. Connect with us today!

How do you track, measure and analyze your marketing efforts right? Do tell us, and maybe we can show you how to use MA2A with your methods.

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