Machine Learning

Leverage algorithms and models to predict outcomes.

Supervised Learning

Supervised learning typically works with an established set of data and requires a certain understanding of how that data is classified. 

Unsupervised Learning

When looking at a massive amount of unlabeled data, understanding the meaning requires algorithms that classify the data based on the patterns or clusters it finds.

Reinforcement Learning

Algorithms receive feedback from analyzed data. The system learns through trial and error and a sequence of successful decisions will result in the process being reinforced.

Deep Learning

Incorporates neural networks in successive layers to learn from data in an iterative matter.  Especially useful when you’re trying to learn patterns from unstructured data.

Uncover the value in your data

We craft analytics solutions for companies using our combined expertise in technology, strategy formation, and management. We work with your organization to develop a custom solution that works for your infrastructure, skill set, and goals. Engagements range from individual analyses to full data strategies.

Success stories

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Through BI tools such as IBM® Cognos® Analytics, GameStop is empowering business users to serve themselves with the data they need and transforming the IT team from a producer of reports to an enabler of business insight.