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How to Improve Performance in Cognos

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Increasing performance in IBM Cognos platforms is crucial to ensuring that your BI reporting and analysis is performing quickly and efficiently. And now with IBM tools like PureData System for Analytics, which is powered by Netezza Technology, you can gain deeper queries across more data and you can accelerate the speed of which its being processed.

What is PureData for Analytics? Essentially a game changer for BI and data warehousing – PureData integrated with your BI platform provides high performance without the need for indexing or tuning.

What is Netezza? Basically the core of PureData System for Analytics (PDA), Netezza is a simple data warehouse appliance for analytics.

Examples? Bon-Ton Stores operates 275 department stores and was challenged with delivering a fresh shopping experience for shoppers. With PDA they were able to discover insights from data very quickly, instead of time-consuming processes of data collection.

Premier Healthcare Alliance needed to better manage the 2.5 million daily transactions of a clinical database. Improvements in query processing, and better and faster patient care are just some of the things they were able to achieve with PDA.

Obtaining insights from big data is critical. A lot of companies today lack the resources to manage all of that data to overcome analytics challenges. With these tools, your organization can simplify the delivery of data insights.


This stuff is exciting and can instantly improve your Cognos BI platform functionality as well as other BI platforms! But don’t just take my word for it, don’t miss our webcast on May 25 at 11 AM CST to see PDA in action and better understand the benefits to your organization. Register now >

Plus, play around with PureData Analytics and get more of an in-depth user experience at our upcoming, complimentary PureData Analytics workshop in Coppell, TX on June 22. This half-day workshop will provide you with the freedom to engage with PDA. Register now before seats are full >

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