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Introducing IBM Turbonomic – The Key to Autonomous Hybrid Cloud Optimization

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As organizations embrace hybrid cloud and modern application architectures like containers and serverless, managing a complex multi-cloud environment has become one of the biggest challenges facing IT teams. The proliferation of clouds, explosion of distributed cloud-native workloads, and lack of visibility across the full stack has made it extremely difficult to ensure performance while controlling costs.

The core issues stem from the fact that traditional IT management tools were built for static, siloed environments. They lack the intelligent automation and application-awareness required to dynamically optimize resources across hybrid cloud landscapes. This forces ITOps teams into a never-ending cycle of manual intervention – firefighting to resolve issues reactively based on alerts, moving workloads around, load balancing, scaling capacity up/down, etc.

This outdated approach leads to the following problems that every IT leader is grappling with:

  1. Guaranteeing Performance is an Uphill Battle: With traditional tools, it’s impossible to easily understand resource consumption holistically across the full application stack. This lack of visibility makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint performance bottlenecks before they impact end users. Teams are forced into a reactive mode of responding to performance degradations after they’ve already occurred.


  1. Runaway Cloud Costs: Without intelligent workload automation, IT teams must drastically over-provision cloud resources (storage, compute, etc.) to ensure sufficient capacity. This “virtual windsock” approach protects performance, but at the cost of tremendous cloud waste since resources are massively underutilized.


  1. Difficulty Scaling Cloud Operations: As environments grow more complex with diverse workloads spanning multiple clouds, manual cloud optimization processes don’t scale. Lack of intelligent automation prevents teams from efficiently aligning resource supply with dynamic demand signals across their hybrid cloud.


  1. Siloed Operational Visibility: Traditional monitoring tools are focused on individual silos of infrastructure. This makes it impossible to understand end-to-end operations and optimize resource flows holistically for high-demand modern app architectures like containerized microsevices distributed across multi-cloud.


  1. Slow Cloud Migration: Re-platforming and migrating workloads to the cloud often results in expensive lift-and-shift scenarios if not properly planned and optimized. Lack of migration planning tools makes it difficult to avoid ballooning cloud costs or performance risks.

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Enter IBM Turbonomic - Autonomous Workload Optimization for Hybrid Cloud

IBM Turbonomic is a fundamentally new approach that delivers autonomous hybrid cloud optimization. The platform uses application-aware analytics and AI to automatically match resource supply to application demand in real-time, continuously reassigning resources across all cloud environments. This keeps applications performing optimally, without any human intervention required.

Turbonomic provides the intelligent full-stack automation lacking from traditional tools. It analyzes real-time consumption of all resources across the entire hybrid cloud stack – including VMs, physical servers, storage, containers, databases, and public cloud compute/storage. Using this unified view, Turbonomic calculates precise resource needs for every application and automatically executes actions to meet demand signals as they happen.

This autonomous optimization enables enterprises to finally harness the true power of hybrid cloud:

  1. Consistently High Performance: By proactively optimizing resources based on demand, Turbonomic eliminates bottlenecks and ensures applications always get precisely the resources required to meet SLAs – no more firefighting performance issues.


  1. Dramatic Cost Savings: Turbonomic’s rightsizing eliminates over-provisioning and cloud waste. Customers see 30%+ cloud cost savings on average from higher utilization rates and more efficient resource distribution across their hybrid cloud.


  1. Accelerated Cloud Migration: Turbonomic visions the optimal target state for migrating workloads to cloud, placing them in the most cost-efficient configuration across public and private cloud. This enables smarter migration plans that avoid expensive lift-and-shift scenarios.


  1. Autonomous Cloud Operations: With Turbonomic’s full-stack automation, cloud operations become effortless. Teams no longer have to manually move workloads, scale capacity, loadbalance, etc. AI handles these actions autonomously as demand shifts occur.


  1. Unified Hybrid Cloud Management: With out-of-the-box integration for all major cloud and data center technologies, Turbonomic provides a single cross-hybrid control plane for visualizing and managing all resources across public cloud, private cloud, containers, etc.

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Real-World Autonomous Cloud Optimization

Leading enterprises across industries rely on Turbonomic today, including:

– The City of Denver reduced CPU/RAM usage by 33% across their hybrid cloud, assuring performance for 1,500+ VMs

– Komatsu achieved over $650K in annual cloud cost savings by optimizing their AWS environment

– IBM Corporate reduced cumulative memory usage by 3.8TB across their 280K employee cloud, executing over 45K optimization actions per month autonomously.

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Getting Started with Autonomous Optimization

Getting started with Turbonomic is easy. The platform seamlessly discovers and integrates with your entire hybrid cloud stack, VMware environments, public clouds, Kubernetes deployments, etc. Within hours of installation, you’ll have full visibility across your hybrid cloud in a single console.

From there, Turbonomic’s AI and machine learning goes to work, analyzing your real-time demand and resource consumption patterns across all environments. It builds an initial set of optimized actions to rightsize resources for cost and performance optimization.

Teams can then implement these actions manually to start driving cloud costs down immediately. As confidence builds, you can automate execution for autonomous workload optimization based on customizable policies. This frees your teams from repetitive cloud tasks to focus on more strategic projects.

If your organization is feeling the crush of hybrid cloud complexity, it’s time to move past outdated manual cloud management. IBM’s Turbonomic delivers true autonomous optimization to assure performance, reduce cloud costs, and accelerate cloud adoption – all on autopilot.

Are you ready to revolutionize your cloud operations and unlock unparalleled efficiency? Discover the power of Turbonomic with Cresco International! Turbonomic is the cutting-edge solution that brings the future of autonomous cloud operations to your fingertips. Imagine a platform that automatically optimizes your IT infrastructure, ensuring your applications always perform at their best while reducing costs and eliminating resource inefficiencies.

By partnering with Cresco International, you gain access to expert insights and personalized support to fully harness the capabilities of Turbonomic. We invite you to experience this game-changing technology first-hand. Contact Cresco International today to schedule your free demo and trial. See how Turbonomic can transform your cloud operations, empower your business, and give you a competitive edge in the digital landscape. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your IT operations to the next level—reach out to Cresco International now and start your journey towards autonomous cloud management!

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