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MES16 is the Midsize Enterprise Summit 2016 held in Austin from Sept 18-20, where you will find Team Cresco at Booth #201 with the IBM team today. Here’s a brief look at what you can gather from us at #MES16 but remember, today – Sept 20, 2016 – is the last day!


The Midsize Enterprise Summit MES16 is the Midmarket IT executive event of the year. At such an event limited to CIOs and senior-level IT executives, in other words – the decision makers, Team Cresco has been delighted to meet many people and share information about IBM analytics tools like Cognos Analytics and more.

Here are some things we’ve been sharing with the attendees so far..

How Cresco uses IBM Analytics to get Clients ROI

Getting a good return on investment ROI is every business (and business-head’s or business-owner’s) objective – one of the many business goals to deal with. So we at Cresco leverage top Analytics products and our expertise to:

– Solve Business Challenges
– Implement in 60% less time
– Show a Return on Investment
– Leverage a Proven Methodology and Offering

What is Analytics Maturity?

We share insights into where and how we analyze your data, understand the maturity of your Analytics and most importantly, show you how to quantify any analytics solution at your disposal.

Showcasing Client Success Stories

We have partnered with many businesses globally, customizing our core solutions to their business needs and ensuring business successes. Here are the latest few for you:

– Using predictive models for Market Basket Analysis to ensure smarter supply chain networks, as well as financial planning and improved sales compensation structures.

– Implementing financial consolidation of reports, thus resulting in global rollout financials across every continent while saving 100 days in external auditing. Financial governance and real-time trusted results to work with.

– Using social media analytics and predictive analytics for global policing, protecting communities, reducing risk of violence, while proactively informing authorities about possible threats. Hence building safer communities.

Check at our Success Studies page to keep track of our success stories, won’t you?

If you’re having trouble understanding all this and are intrigued to learn more, it’s time to call us at 1-844-6-CRESCO, or email us at info@crescointl.com for a free consulting session where we can show you how IBM Business Analytics tools and Cresco solutions can make a difference to your business and your success. If you’re at MES16, come over for a quick chat, else connect with us soon.

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