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4 Real-Life Predictive Customer Intelligence Examples

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Did you know when you type “Predictive Customer Intelligence” in Google, the first page of Google results always start with IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence web pages. On the other hand, typing in “Predictive Analytics” into Google, IBM-related web pages hardly show up.

As part of Team Cresco, I’ve been using both terms – Predictive Customer Intelligence (PCI) and Predictive Analytics – intermittently, but I guess Google hasn’t caught up to predictive tools to show me only IBM web pages in my search results. If it had, I would only be shown what I (the customer) needs, not everything that is out there relevant to these terms.

Ok, the reason I’m rambling on this is just to show you that Google as of yet is not a real life example of predictive customer intelligence yet. Yes, it does use location services to show search results based on demographics, and I’m pretty sure there might be other such features too. But no solid PCI yet.

So here are 4 real life predictive customer intelligence examples, or predictive analytics examples – read it, use it, and succeed in business!

real life predictive customer intelligence examples

1. Building Safer Communities with Social Media Analysis with PCI

Recently Team Cresco worked with Tactical Institute on social media threat analysis using predictive analytics or IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence tools. What happened is Team Cresco incorporated IBM Watson Analytics for Social Media into Tactical Institute’s own e-tradecraft to identify viable threats and criminal violence before it happens. You can read the entire case study, one of our and IBM’s success stories, here.

2. Amadeus’ Travel Offers to Targeted Customers

This is an example best described by the image below. Neat use of predictive analytics, isn’t it?

predictive customer intelligence example

The Amadeus blog is a great resource to understand how Predictive Analytics can benefit the travel industry. The original article is here.

3. Salesforce

If you’re in business, you care about your customers, and you are aware of CRM products. Salesforce is one of the oldest and most reliable CRM products businesses use for customer relationship management. And Salesforce uses predictive intelligence to understand each customer’s preferences and automatically tailor content delivered in email and on the web.

This is one of the best predictive customer intelligence examples in real time. You can use Salesforce Marketing Cloud (free trial is available!) and the Personalization Builder platform to understand your customer behavior, predict and automate decisions, and of course, personalize the customer journey. You can find more information here.

4. Cabot Partners Case Study

IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence (PCI) ensures that all customer interactions are coordinated, optimized, and effective by providing 360-degree views of customers. Cabot Partners advise their clients on how to build and grow a customer base, how to achieve desired revenue and profitability results, and how to make effective use of emerging technologies. In this pursuit, they created this study on how IBM Agile Power and Storage Systems can be used in sync with PCI to enable their client businesses to ‘be there’ where customers are and ‘when’ they need them.

If you belong to the Banking, Retail, Telecommunications, Insurance, or Energy & Utilities industry, have a look at this study on how PCI can help businesses determine the “next best action” for individual customers at critical points in the customer experience, thus enabling companies to maximize customer satisfaction, loyalty and increase sales and profits.

So what do you think of these predictive customer intelligence examples? Do you want to try PCI or predictive analytics in your business? Drop us a line at, or simply use our contact form for a free consulting session on PCI and how Team Cresco can customize PCI to help your business.

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