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Brücke bridges the gap between analytics, data science, and decision optimization. This browser based application provides operations research specialists with an easy to use interface for any model, platform, or cloud.

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Brücke gives business users a visualization into their data that is rich, intelligent and interactive to make faster decisions using real-time technology with data science and decision optimization capabilities.

  • Real time scheduling with scenario analysis
  • Logistics optimization with built-in interactive dashboards for scenario planning
  • Dynamic price optimization & Revenue Optimization
  • Cutting stock optimization with demand forecasting
  • Sales and operations planning with what-if analysis
  • Workforce scheduling and job-cost analytics
  • Spend analytics for procurement planning and optimization
  • Financial portfolio optimization for Risk Analysis
  • Budget and Planning Optimization
  • Advertisement scheduling and optimal revenue recognition plans
  • Integrated business planning
  • Customer Coverage and Logistics Routing
  • Resource allocation optimization
  • Timetabling optimization

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