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Business Articles: Running Jobs and Reports via Automated features – Trigger

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IBM Cognos Business Intelligence provides Organizations with Business reporting and Analysis applications. Getting more out of these products only adds to higher returns and is a level up from using spreadsheets. The automation capabilities in Cognos Connection enable scheduled reports to run at a desired frequency and jobs that can run reports, analyses and other jobs in serial or parallel threads. This is usually done based on the end user requirements and system capabilities.

In IBM Cognos Connection, when triggering a report/job through the trigger.bat/ command, sometimes the report appears to be triggered successfully because the message “Trigger : mytrigger fired successfully” is displayed to the screen, but the report never actually gets kicked off and doesn’t show up in Schedule Management.

Although the command executes successfully and connects to the Cognos BI servers without any issues, invalid or outdated credentials stored in the Content Store for the users being used for authentications in the trigger command usually causes this issue. A full description of the error message on the why the report never ran can be found in the cogserver.log file.

A simple resolution to this can be to renew the credentials and run the command again.

  1. Login to Cognos Connection with the user whose credentials are being used for the authentication in the trigger command
  2. Under Preferences -» Personal click on the “Renew the credentials” which updates the content store with the user’s current credentials, as seen below
  3. Re run the trigger.bat/ command again


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