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Banking Success Story

Success Story – International Banking

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For privacy reasons, we will refer to our client as “Intl Bank.”

About Intl Bank

With over 1,000 branches spread across 30 states, Intl Bank has been in business in Asia for almost a century. It is a vibrant, fast-growing, service-oriented and trend-setting financial institution. Intl Bank provides personal, commercial, and business banking as well as wholesale banking and wealth management services to its customers. With over 10,000 employees, Intl Bank is among the leading banks in the country, providing banking solutions to both rural and urban populations.

Business Challenge

With a complex database and banking system that supports core banking, employee management, and loan management, fraud prevention was one of Intl Bank’s critical challenges. How could predictive analysis improve their current level of fraud prevention?  


Partnering with Cresco, Intl Bank was able to implement pattern analysis, which constantly scans customer data and predicts fraudulent companies or individuals without compromising on the process integrity and performance.

Comprehensive trainings provided by Cresco further enabled Intl Bank to customize the product for actionable insights.


  • With better accuracy in detecting fraud and ensuring that risks are minimized, Intl Bank can focus on core banking and serving their customers.
  • Training on the product helped optimize predictive solutions and analyze the results better with actionable insights.

Taking a Positive Approach

Volatility is indeed one of the most important risk indicators in the financial sector. Banks not only need to provide several schemes for customers to get attracted to investments/loans, but they also need to check their financial history to evaluate any unknown risks. Banks additionally need to target clients ahead of the competitors to get better results, meaning the chosen target customers play a crucial role.

With an easy integration platform that does not require any changes to existing databases or the core banking system, IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM SPSS Modeler proved to be an ideal solution for this purpose.

With Cresco, Intl Bank can now respond to these types of challenges powered by an analytics solution.

Transformation Story

In the first phase, IBM Cognos Analytics was implemented for designing reports related to Intl Bank’s processes with a focus on loan management and credit check processes. This gave a comprehensive view of the loan dispersal and planning as well as the types of loans that are high in demand. The seasonal trend can also be viewed for the loans. Using these reports, managers can now ensure that special schemes can be run on specific loans to increase the number of customers.

Next, IBM SPSS modeler was used to build a model based on past historical customer data to predict prospective fraudulent accounts that have applied for loans. This has made it easier for banking officials to disburse loans only to qualified individuals.

Cresco worked closely with Intl Bank to customize the SPSS training for the client. This customized training implemented by a seasoned Data Science & Analytics Consultant at Cresco International helped Intl Bank to use SPSS effectively and efficiently.

Results Story

With the implementation of IBM analytics, this leading bank has gained several insights into customer data and is transforming the way fraud detection and prevention can be done.

The General Manager of Intl Bank states, “The fraud detection model designed in SPSS Modeler has helped us detect fraudulent customers much more accurately, helping to ensure that we disburse loans only to customers who have good credit history and better repayment history.”

He also states, “We have been using SPSS for over 2 years but didn’t know the entire functionalities of it. The customized training has increased the knowledge of the individual multi-fold, and now, we can use this tool in other departments effectively, like asset management and wealth management. This has opened a new horizon of opportunities for us.”

With expertise and training from Cresco, Intl Bank is now positioned with better insights into operations and reduced risk. They can prevent bank account fraud, maintain a strong client trust and relationship, and have better risk management with the IBM analytics solution.

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