Takeover Attacks and Fraud

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Trevor Bidle wrote an enlightening article on account takeover attacks that dives into standard practices and solutions in the workplace. Read more about it here:  Don’t Let Account Takeover Attacks Put Your Company at Risk

Account takeover fraud has become a common practice for cybercriminals. An account takeover (ATO) attack is a form of cyberattack where someone's credentials are stolen and then used to send emails, usually phishing, from their real account. ATO has become more frequent due to the amount of personal information businesses hold for their customers. Companies that operate in the financial, healthcare, and e-commerce sectors are especially vulnerable to these attacks

At Cresco, we help stop fraud, waste, and abuse at your company before they occur. Safeguard your reputation by enabling early detection, which in turn enables prevention as well as protection of you, your company, and your employees.

Our customized analytics solution uses predictive analytics to detect suspicious activity and possibly prevent it on time. This solution also analyzes your overall organization and gives you a better understanding of your risk factors. Additionally, behavioral analytics in real-time helps in monitoring, preventing, and protecting your assets.

Contact Cresco to protect against ATO before it happens.

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