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Your TM1 will STOP – Read This to Avoid Outage

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So come November 24th 2016 and your TM1 Server will refuse connections because the TM1 SSL Certificate will expire (APPLIX Certificates). Here’s the official announcement from IBM IBM Cognos TM1 Certificate Expiry. Don’t wait for this to happen. Instead, let us help you avoid a major outage at your workplace.


Why TM1 will stop working

TM1 SSL certificate is part of the configuration you have installed to use IBM Cognos TM1 at your workplace. These certificates come bundled, and are not sold separately. And these ensure every client is SSL enabled and the communication between clients and the data server is secure.

And since this is a certificate, like any other certificate, this has an expiration date as well. And that date is November 24th 2016.

What You can do to Avoid mass Outage

Visit How to update your expiring IBM Cognos TM1 Certificates to get started. There are 3 options available:

Option 1 – Secure your IBM Cognos TM1 Environment with Custom Certificates

Option 2 – Switch to the IBM Cognos TM1 v2 Certificates (TM1 10.2+ only)

Option 3 – Apply an Interim Fix Updater

Do read this document carefully to figure out which option is suitable for your organization. If you’re still unsure, call Cresco at 1-844-6-CRESCO to get connected to Team Cresco and deal with this immediately. You can also email us at

TM1 will stop – Are YOU affected?

At this time, we do know that ALL versions of TM1 are affected by the certificate expiry. Use the following steps to confirm if you face this issue:

  • Log on to the box where your TM1 Admin Server is running
  • Open Cognos Configuration (for TM1)
  • Click on the ‘TM1 Admin Server’ entry and in Explorer pane
  • Look at the ‘Certificate File Location’ parameter
    • If blank, you have NOT configured TM1 for Option 1 (Custom Certificates)
    • If blank, you WILL be affected by the SSL certificate expiry
  • Look at the ‘TM1 Admin Server Certificate Version’
    • If ‘1’, you have NOT configured TM1 for Option 2 (v2 Certificates)
    • If ‘1’, you WILL be affect be the SSL certificate expiry

There are of course other ways to confirm too..

If you have configured TM1 for Option 1 (Custom Certificates) you will have the following entries in your tm1s.cfg file

  • SSLCertAuthority=
  • SSLCertificate=
  • SSLCertificateID=

If you have configured TM1 for Option 2 (v2 Certificates) you will have the following entry in your tm1s.cfg file

  • CertificateVersion=2

IBM Resources to Read Now!

Here are the IBM resources to ABSOLUTELY need to read NOW to avoid this issue:

IBM Cognos TM1 Certificate Expiry – FAQ

How to update your expiring IBM Cognos TM1 Certificates

And don’t forget to click on the links given in the above reads and use that information to optimize your production environment.

In Conclusion

At Cresco, we believe in alerting our customers at the earliest for any possible threats to their daily business processes. If you are already enjoying services by Team Cresco, ask them about this TM1 SSL certificate expiration issue too. If you’re yet to get acquainted with Team Cresco, drop a line at right away – we can help quickly and effectively not just with this, but also with IBM analytics software you use at your business.

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