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What to Expect When you Upgrade from Cognos 10 – Part I

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Cognos Analytics v11 is the new kid on the block. It delivers ease of use for the business without compromising IT functionality, a completely re-designed experience to increase productivity for reporting within your organization. Here’s what you can expect when you upgrade from Cognos 10.

cognos 11

What to Consider when Upgrading

As you must be aware by now, Cognos Analytics is an upgrade for Cognos Business Intelligence. With this upgrade, your content moves forward, and there is no License changes in any way. In Cognos 11, you will have a better user experience with the content with easy navigation, especially with the Notification Center.

The number of interfaces has been reduced to Report, Dashboard and Data Module for simplicity. Reports can now run in LIMITED or FULL interactivity modes. And most importantly, companion applications like Cognos 10 Studios, My Inbox, Drill-Through Definitions, My Watch Items – all are still available for existing customers.

The Cognos Workspace has been redesigned of course. And do keep in mind that the Portal Tabs are no longer accessible – Portal pages now open in a different browser tab. Embedded items like Viewer URL API, SDK, CMS, portal widgets for 3rd party portal remain UNCHANGED.

Notes to Worry

Just a minor note – Data Sets from v10.2.2 are no longer updateable. Though existing reports will continue to work as long as the associated DB2 database is retained, you will need special IT assistance to update the underlying DB2 for critical reports. Drop us a line here if you need instant support!

In Conclusion

This concludes Part 1 of What to Expect When you Upgrade from Cognos 10 where we brief you on what to consider when upgrading, basically giving you a gist of what is still available and what is not in Cognos Analytics v11. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or email us at

Coming up next – How to Plan Your Upgrade from Cognos 10

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