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Cresco reduces obstacles to data science with IBM Cloud.

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As technology and data expand, a business cannot simply rely on spreadsheet-based approaches to surface actionable insights.

Cresco International’s Principal and CEO, Sanjeev Datta, wrote an enlightening article about utilizing IBM Cloud for data science.

Today, Cresco uses IBM Cognos Analytics, IBM Watson Studio, IBM Planning Analytics, IBM Decision Optimization, and IBM Watson Analytics to provide industry-leading data science capabilities. IBM Analytics software is also the foundation for many of our proprietary analytics solutions, which harness IBM Db2 database technology.

These types of analytic solutions would require substantial expenditure. Fortunately, Cresco empowers smaller businesses to access enterprise-grade technologies that were once only attainable by large firms with large budgets. Cresco also mentors clients by connecting IBM technologies in the cloud using APIs, which delivers a shorter time to market and a faster investment return.

Cresco has produced many success stories, most recently with Dallas Area Transit (DART).


By helping DART spot trends in how people use its services, Cresco enabled the company to plan its functions more effectively. These changes helped DART aim to encourage more passengers to ride its light rail, streetcar, and bus services.

Cresco leaders pride themselves in their mentality and motto of “when our clients win, we succeed too.” They are a proud partner of IBM and help businesses transform the digital age. Read more about Cresco’s success and transformations here.

Sanjeev has spent the last two decades consulting companies in technology and strategy around analytics, data governance, and data science with great success. His career began as a consultant working closely with technology, which has allowed him to understand clients’ needs and the importance of generating ROI for continued business and partnerships. He is a published author in the analytics world with his book selling across the globe for seven years straight with year-over-year increased book sales. Sanjeev has also consulted Fortune 50 and mid-size companies around technology implementations with high revenue returns for his clients.

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