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How to change the way you engage with your customers – Part 1

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This is the first part of a series of blog posts discussing customer journey analytics and marketing analytics.

Attention marketers – this blog post, like many blog posts can be, is not to bore you.  I know that time is precious and valuable and it’s hard to find the time to read blog posts anymore. However, I promise you if you keep reading, you will not be disappointed, and a new idea and new way of thinking about understanding your customers more, ultimately allowing you to be a better marketer, will arise. The main purpose of this blog post is to discuss something crucial that should be apart of your marketing if it isn’t now.

Let’s start with a stat (bear with me) – according to an IBM Global Survey of marketers 62% say that their top marketing issue is turning customer data into action and insight. Think about that. 62% – that is a huge number of marketers who know that they have data, but they don’t know what to do with it, or don’t have the platforms that allow them to utilize that data to build analytics-defined buyer personas, visually see how customers engage across all channels, send personalized messages based off of past buyer activity or predictive buyer activity, attract new customers, and so on.

Here is another important stat: 70% of consumers have their 1st interaction with a brand digitally. And, by 2018 70% of e-commerce will move to models that focus on the individuals’ customer experience. This means for many organizations, 50-80% of the buying process is done before you even speak to your customer.

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With today’s technology many challenges can arise  – how can I build a single view of the customer, how can I deliver relevant and personalized content to customers, how can I provide a consistent customer experience across multiple channels, and how can I interact with customers in real time?

In the next post, I will answer these questions as well as discuss brilliant tools that can power the delivery of marketing across the buyer journey while utilizing the data that you already have. Stay tuned!

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