How to Overcome Data Challenges in Predictive Analytics

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Predictive Analytics optimizes the Customer Experience provided by your business. If you’re in Retail, you can use Predictive Analytics to “predict” which one of your product lines should be the best one to carry on. And if you are in Banking, you can recommend new products based on the client’s profile, such as an investment account for clients with a large balance in their savings accounts. That’s the power of Predictive Analytics.

However, being reliant on set models and predesigned data solutions, your set of predictive analytics tools can throw you data challenges too.


To ensure your business analytics tools are trustworthy and providing you with “actionable” business intelligence that can be easily interpreted from reports generated by these tools, Cresco offers Modeling as a Service (MaaS) to overcome your data challenges.

Modeling as a Service Offering

We, at Cresco, use the Modeling as a Service (MaaS) offering to build the best possible business analytics solution for your needs. We not only groom your data, especially high volumes of data, we also assess and ensure compatibility of our business analytics solutions with your data systems, cut down on the “bad” or “dirty” data, and “train” our solutions to provide “actionable” business intelligence for your use.

We provide this MaaS service to our clients to help you transform your data into reports that can be understood much easily.

Sometimes the sheer volume of data can overburden businesses into loss. We streamline your data by concentrating on the “good” data and making sure the “bad” data doesn’t affect your reports in any manner, thus overcoming one of the most common data challenges in Predictive Analytics – data volume.

We also figure out the complex relationships between datasets with ease – using pre-built models designed for your industry – and then customize it further to fit your business needs.

Once this data is streamlined, our “models” hand you actionable reports from your current and historical data. At this stage, we advise you to make thorough comparisons of these new reports against the ones you already have to ensure the data you’re getting is authentic, and of course trustworthy.


As we customize our complex models to be put to more “practical” use, rather than just generating reports, we continue monitoring that these tools are optimized to fit your needs, and all the “extras” are chipped away to minimize processing times and maximize returns.

In Conclusion

At Cresco, we are ready to take your data challenges head-on and use our MaaS (and other) offerings and solutions to provide a good sturdy business analytics set of solutions that drive your business forward. Our MaaS offering is just one of our many offerings to help you and your business, heling you overcome data challenges in Predictive Analytics. Have a look at our offerings and solutions to see what fits your business and your business needs.

We know business analytics, especially IBM business analytics – connect with us today!

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