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How does Predictive Customer Intelligence Work?

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Predictive Customer Intelligence or Predictive Analytics or PCI is a better way of understanding your customers using IBM Analytics tools. Let us share how we make Predictive Customer Intelligence work using the example of one of our core solutions – Customer Behavioral Analytics or CBA.

Customer Behavioral Analytics helps you to understand your customer better, and be ready in time to serve your customers’ needs, since this set of analytics tools is based on predictive customer intelligence (PCI). PCI allows you to quickly gain information on your customer in order to help provide your products or services at the right time. It utilizes the following tools:

Data mining

PCI tracks historical data trends and provides deeper outlook into the future. Therefore, improved customer insight can help you increase revenue.

Social media Analysis

Capture social media impacts towards products and services rendered as part of your business. This is open information that is just waiting to be harvested and turned into customer insights.

Statistical Modeling

Use statistical analysis including regression analysis, cluster analysis and correlation analysis to detect and prevent threats and frauds, before the ripple effect that affects your organization.

Future planning

Using customer behavioral analytics, you can track and transform data into insights to guide front-line decision making. Predict what customers want and will do next to increase profitability and retention.

With the CBA tool at your fingertips, you are able to anticipate what your customer will need next, sometimes even before the customer realizes it herself. And you’ll be ready to offer your product/service as per the customer needs in time, or just in time! Isn’t that just the right way to increase customer loyalty, and hence customer retention?

In Conclusion

Tracking data trends with reduced hardware costs and improved compression technology has now become an industry norm. New technologies that use customer data and advanced customer analytics tools to dig deeper into customer insight can always help your business in a positive manner. With our CBA offering, you basically take a step further into understanding customer insights using customer analytics tools.

Next, you turn that insight into action, and voila! you are ready to serve the customer in real time, or just in time. So now we know how predictive customer intelligence work.

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