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What is Predictive Customer Intelligence?

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Let’s say, Joe’s your customer. Getting him onboard has been quite a feat for you and your team. Now to retain Joe as your customer, you need to know:

> What does Joe want next?
> Will your products/services cater to his needs?

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As a business owner, you can’t get any answers to these questions without the right data. But how do you get Joe’s data? It’s really not simple but it IS possible. And that’s when Predictive Customer Intelligence comes into play!

Predictive Customer Intelligence (PCI), or Predictive Customer Analytics, helps you understand your customers better, individually. It helps you “predict” what your customers would want next.

PCI Example

If your service-oriented business is suffering from irrationally higher rates of cancellations than usual, you can build this PCI analytics platform that can help you highlight “good” customers while also identifying potential cancellations. To learn more, you have to attend this!

So, how does it work?

PCI basically translates your data and information about your individual customers into insights and recommendations that help you effectively interact with your customers now as well as into the future. Industry specific models are pre-configured in the predictive analytics platform in real time, and that’s how the “predictions” begin, and as you feed more data, it “evolves” and helps you enrich your customers’ journeys.

Do you need separate data for PCI?

Not really. Any and all interactions with the customer can be data, including internal, external, structured, unstructured, and even historical data. PCI solutions are self-learning, thus evolving with feedback logs too, via continuous refinement to those pre-configured models. In layman’s terms, all touch points whether online, through a call center, mobile apps, social media, chats with the store clerk, complaints with the manager, and more.

Customer Behavior Analytics

We have our very own industry-specific PCI solutions as part of our offerings in Core Solutions – Customer Behavior Analytics (CBA) – which utilize the following tools:

> Data Mining

> Social Media Analysis

> Statistical Modeling

> Future Planning

With our CBA offering, you basically take a step further into understanding customer insights using customer analytics tools. Next, you turn that insight into action, and voila! you are ready to serve the customer in real time, or just in time.

We’ve shared our story, now it’s your turn – how are you taking care of your customers?

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