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SPSS Statistics Version 27.0 – What’s New?

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Statistical Pack for the Social Sciences, otherwise known as SPSS for short, has upgraded to the latest Statistics V27.0, long-awaited by data scientists. SPSS Statistics is a robust statistical analysis software platform. Keen to support a top-down hypothesis testing approach to your data. This application performs along the lines of solving problems utilizing ad hoc analysis, hypothesis testing, geospatial analysis, and predictive analytics. You can understand data, analyze trends, forecast and plan to validate assumptions, drive accurate conclusions, and even include the use of open-source integration. We’re going to focus on the latest enhancements and features.

Why use SPSS Statistics V27.0?

Data cleansing and transformation have been a complicated and time-consuming process, taking nearly 80% of a data scientist’s time while the other 20% of the time is used to gain insights from that data. With SPSS Statistics, you can now use analysis, transformational, and characteristically pattern between different data variables to mitigate the cleansing stage of data. With version 27.0, there are now new statistical tests, enhancements to existing procedures, and improved functionality to ease use.

Base Edition Changes: Data Preparation & Bootstrapping Module

As we embark on the latest upgrade journey, SPSS Statistics 27 has incorporated a Data Preparation module and a Bootstrapping module. These capabilities come at no additional cost!

The Data Preparation Module involves capabilities to prepare your data faster so you can get straight into the analysis phase. The appetite for information grows drastically, leading to more data collection resulting in extensive cases, variables, and data entry errors. With the new capabilities that the Data Preparation Module includes, you are now able to load predefined validation rules, define validation rules, and validate your data with single & cross variable regulations. We can also eliminate mundane processes with pre-integrated automation, detect anomalies, optimal binning capabilities, forecasting, and much more.

Data Preparation Module:

The Bootstrapping module enables you to run a bootstrapping analysis. This is a test or metric that uses random sampling with a replacement under the resampling methods in statistics. Bootstrapping assigns measures of accuracy to sample estimates and can also be used to construct hypothesis tests. With this capability, you can uncover variances for various population samples.

Bootstrapping Module:

New Statistics: Power Analysis & Weighted Kappa Procedure

A vital factor that comes with any latest product upgrade is its new procedures & additions. With SPSS Statistics 27 comes eleven new power analysis procedures. All of the latest methods help find the optimal sample size and calculate power for those sample sizes. This feature also provides graphical capabilities that even include 3-dimensional plots to display the sample sizes! The weighted kappa procedure, which can also be referred to as Cohen’s weighted kappa, is a widely used analytical method to measure inter/intra-reliability for categorical items. It is a more robust measure than a simple percent agreement calculation. The weighted versions provided in SPSS Statistics 27 are linear weighting, quadratic weighting, and confidence intervals for all kappa coefficients.

Example of Power Analysis: Univariate Linear

Everyday Usability Improvements

From an overall productivity and usability standpoint, every software upgrade aims to improve its features to simplify the user experience. SPSS Statistics 27 now has a Search capability in the toolbar to locate and create a faster output. You can now find dialogs, procedures, and syntax commands, all with a simple search and discover. AutoRecovery has been added to minimize data loss and have those user-sessions saved locally, enabled for all working sessions. Similar to the Cognos Analytics user interface enhancement, SPSS Statistics 27 now has a modern application UI theme and color palettes for any user’s aesthetic preference. The latest version of SPSS Statistics comes with integrating the latest version of Python 3.8.2 to meet updated security requirements and run from an external python process for debugging.

Global Search: the user is able to search topics, case studies, and functions in this window.

AutoRecovery Enabled:

Next Steps?

At Cresco, we offer consulting, advisory, and training expertise to leverage your software solutions. If you would like to learn more, contact our team here at for full-featured and detailed demonstrations of SPSS Statistics V27.0 latest upgrade and how it can amplify your statistical analysis.

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